Monday, July 31, 2017

SATURDAY, June 10, 2017

Visibility: Clear and unrestricted.
Wind: Light and variable from the NW
Altitudes: 4500 msl
Time Aloft: More than two hours.
Max Lift: 600 fpm
Temperature: Hot, above 100 deg
Comment: New checkout for Rick Eason and Jan Zanutto's Grob.
Tow pilot: Ken Hartman

Andy Reistetter waiting for a tow plane for his first 1-26 ride in awhile.

Rick Eason just landed after his and Dan Gudgel's checkout ride in the recently bought Grob.

Bennett Diamond about to launch solo in Big Bird.

All four gliders at the launch end waiting for a tow. Recognize them all?

Lexy Aguirre and Bennett Diamond moving Big Bird out of the launch path.

Karl Kunz waiting for a tow from Hartman's Maule with dust devils in the distance ready to lift all who venture there.

Mike Paoli just finished moving his Libelle out to the launch area. Background is Rick Eason's Cessna 172.

Eric Burlingame and Alex Caldwell chat amidst a glider group waiting for pilots.

Dan Gudgel giving further pointers to Jan Zanutto about flying Jan's newly purchased Grob two-seater.

With the launch line filled with waiting gliders, Dan has one more chance to instruct Jan in the intricacies of the Grob.

Looks like they're getting ready to "mount up".

Karl Kunz in his beautiful ASW-20BL. He'll be gone for several hours.

Everyone's had their eyes on this field because the car is kicking up huge dust devils.

The dust devil enlarges in size the longer the hot ground provides fuel for the lift.

Rick Eason is headed home in his Cessna 172. He doesn't use his RV too much at Avenal because of the dust.

Mike Paoli on tow just above runway 31R in good position.

Mario Pauda also on tow in the late afternoon with his neat Schweizer 1-26.

Dan Gudgel  in the back seat and it looks like Mario in the front seat. Maybe someone else.

Alexia Aguirre about to make one of her best flights, controlling it all from takeoff to landing.

Alexia is one happy young lady because she knows how well she performed.

Neiman Walker on tow above runway 31R in nice low position in the 1-26.

Mario Pauda heading off for another flight in his 1-26.

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