Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day XC Camp

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Comment: The club moves to KIZA
Tow pilot:

I’m probably fired from planning this event due to uncooperative weather for the most part.
Despite less than ideal conditions for 2/3 of the days, it was still a really fun weekend. We had six private ships from the Avenal crew, plus 2 from the bay area, and several local Santa Ynez pilots attend. In addition, we had 12-15 other Avenal members come out to fly as passengers, crew, and just hang out and socialize.
Saturday was a rough day with ragged thermals that kept everyone in the Santa Ynez Valley. While the day was not great for soaring, we overtook the glider office for one awesome BBQ in the evening.

The forecast for Sunday was much more promising. So after a meeting in the airport admin office, we all lined up to launch with our trailers ready to go out on retrieve. Ramy launched first in TG and quickly returned. Morgan went next in 5H and reported not finding much. So, the rest of us waited for it to improve. It didn't.

Monday's forecast was similar to the previous day and only a handful returned to give it a try. I decided that without a crew and with a dog waiting in the car, I was too chicken to dive over the mountains and into the Cuyama Valley. CZ, 5H, IKS, and TG however all went for it and had some really great flights. Check on OLC once they are posted.

 Ground school in the airport office at Santa Ynez.

 Lizzy and Tucker are airport buddies.

 Gliders slowly wake up in the morning to brave another day.

Here is someplace you don't normally see Ramy. Sitting under his wing with a group of Akafliegers discussing blow holes and turbulator strips.

Huge, huge thanks to everyone at Santa Barbara Soaring and Santa Ynez airport for hosting us and graciously lending us their meeting room, grill, refrigerator, lawn for camping,... Cindy was awesome in teaching everyone all weekend and Dave was amazing at making sure we had everything we needed. I cannot thank you guys enough.

And last, thank you to all that showed up. The flying left a little to be desired, but the company was superb. I can't think of another way I would have wanted to spend my weekend. 

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