Membership Info

Membership Information

Central California Soaring Club Membership is open to anyone with an interest in soaring flight.  From student pilots to diamond level cross country flying, CCSC membership accommodates everyone.  As an SSA Chapter, all members must maintain their membership within the SSA for our chapter and insurance purposes.

Introductory Flight

Introductory flights to soaring and the CCSC are available for $99 with one of our certified pilots.  Your day will start with a short briefing on the fundamentals of soaring and a briefing on your flight. Then you will board the glider flown by an experienced pilot. Your glider will be linked to a tow plane and taken to a height of 2000 feet above the ground where it will release from tow and soar silently above the earth, rising or descending depending on lift conditions at the time of your flight. Time aloft depends on lift conditions and whether others are scheduled for the same glider. 20-30 minutes is usual for most demo flights.

How Much Will it Cost?

Typical Cost Estimates to Solo in Gliders

Full Membership

The full membership entitles you to fly or train in the club aircraft at a nominal cost per flight plus tow fees.  See Fee Schedule below for full details.

Student Membership

Students enrolled full-time in an accredited school are offered a deep discount on club membership and no initiation fee.

Tow Pilot Membership:

If you are a qualified power pilot interested in towing gliders aloft, we have a membership plan specifically for this.  No monthly fee.  Typical weekend days will net you about 2 hrs of time for your logbook and it is a fun place to hang out if you are an aviation buff.

Membership Applications:

For information on joining the CCSC, please send an email to:

Club Bylaws:

2012 Updated CCSC Bylaws

Member Information Packet and Manual:

Member Packet

Membership Fees: