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For those who enjoy listening to podcasts, there are currently 2 glider specific podcasts being produced. They are Soaring the Sky and The Thermal. Both podcasts are composed of interviews of some incredible glider pilots and certainly help to keep me excited about the upcoming season. They are available on all podcasting platforms. 

These webinars are hosted by a glider pilot from Las Vegas and cover a variety of topics relevant to a wide range of experience levels. Although they are not currently releasing new webinars regularly, there is a large library of past webinars that can be accessed at the above link. 

This flight simulator is created and maintained by European glider pilots and used by many cross country pilots to keep their skills sharp in the offseason by flying live competitions and soaring over familiar terrain. It is also an excellent training aid for newer pilots to practice skills like towing, landing, and pttt's without having to leave your home. The simulator in the CCSA clubhouse is available for all club members to use and has Condor 2 with the Avenal terrain and gliderport ready to go.

Other resources
In addition to everything above, here are some more links to material I have found useful throughout my soaring journey thus far. These are resources that are focused on cross country soaring, but are not out of reach to newer pilots looking to take steps towards flying cross country.  

Online Blogs/Articles
Soaring Book PDF's

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