Sunday, March 11, 2018

SATURDAY, February 17, 2018. A good day for training flights.

Visibility: Unlimited
Wind: From the SE early, then light and variable.
Altitudes: Release altitudes.
Time Aloft: Less than an hour.
Max Lift: 3-5 kts.
Temperature: Cool, in the 60's.
Comment: Good day for training flights.
Tow pilot: Jim Rickey

Ken Talovich arriving from Pine Mountain Lake  in his RV-8.

Ken Talovich, Bob Crooks, and Rick Eason chat about experimental aircraft.
Don Flinn and student ready to launch in the Schweizer 2-33.

Neiman Walker signals the tow plane to start the launch for Don Flinn and student.

Bob Crooks about to take another training flight from the far northwest end of runway 31R.

I guess Ken Talovich needed the exercise. He walked all the way to the end of runway 31R.

Jim Rickey flying the tow plane with the 2-33 on tow behind him.

N8722S is on tow behind the Cessna 150 flown by Jim Rickey.

It isn't easy dragging the 2-33 along the runway back to the launch area.

Don Flinn mounting up for another training flight with a student.

Neiman waits for Don to get settled in and hooked up for launch.

Bob Crooks hooking up for Don Flinn and student's momentary launch.

Eric Burlingame and friend watch the launch proceedings from the safe area.

Yes, it was that dusty, so much that IFR rules almost prevailed.

Ken Talovich about to launch on another practice check ride due within the next few weeks.

Jay Jaeckel helping with the tow rope while a water truck rumbles by in the background.

It was that kind of day where the wind sock was hanging straight down.

Students and flight instructor waiting patiently at the launch end of runway 13L.

Now the tow plane is moving into position and the launch should take place when the 2-33 is moved into position.

Both the RV-8 and the RV-10 are owner built and beautifully crafted gems.

Ken Talovich in his RV-8 while Bob Crooks and I are ready to leave in Bob's RV-10.

On the way to Fresno, Ken is quickly catching up with us just over the Kettleman Hills.

Ken just off our wing for a nice photograph before breaking away and heading to Pine Mountain Lake airport.