Saturday, March 11, 2023

Springtime at Avenal

Snow on Castle Mountain (photo by Martin, when returning from SSA convention)


The calendar says the vernal equinox is still about 10 days away, but spring-like conditions have arrived.


Well, springtime with a bit of snow and relatively huge amounts of rain.  Wildflowers are out on the hills and plains around Avenal.  Everything is lush and green.

That rain might make operations at CA69 a bit messy, so Zach & Morgan moved 05U and 13F over to New Coalinga.  We're ready to operate without worrying about mud at CA69.

Members are getting their ships annual-ed and ready for the spring season.  Come out and scrap the rust and cobwebs off and get your piloting skills ready as well.  See you soon.