Sunday, December 23, 2018

Wave at Avenal

CCSC pilots recently had some nice wave flights from Avenal and Coalinga.  Details are here - Wave at Avenal in December 2018

When pre-frontal southwest winds are forecast for Avenal, check the soaring weather predictions.  None of these pilots predicted the conditions would be as good as they turned out to be.  And they all enjoyed wonderful mid-winter flights.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

November 10, 2018 Eric solos and Tribute to Jan Zanutto

Visibility:       Smoky
Wind:             Calm; 1 instance of a 5 MPH wind, one 9 MPH gust for the whole day.
Altitudes:       Mostly whatever they released at.
Time Aloft:    Not much
Max Lift:       Not much
Temperature: Hit 60°F before 10, peaked at 70°, stayed above 60° until ½ hour after sunset.
Comment:      Great to see so many people out at the gliderport.
Tow pilot:      Karl Kunz

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For a day with such poor soaring conditions, there was a lot of flying activity today--mostly student training, but a couople of members actually found some lift and stayed up for a little while.

Dan Gudgel gave a towpilot check out earlier in the day.

I hear Aleks Radko  had a decent soaring flight--really good for November.

A notable achievement was Eric Rinell had his first solo today.

Eric Rinell is on final approach in the smoky skies to his first solo landing.

Eric on short final to his first solo landing.

Eric just about to touch down at end of first solo flight.

Eric's personal Welcoming Committee rushes out to greet him.

The Akafliegers bring a a new post-solo tradition to Avenal.

Good and wet!

But Eric is still smiling!

Richard Walker is ready to run the wing for glider partner Peter Sahlberg.

Jesse is smiling before going up for another lesson from Don.  She should be soloing soon.
Peter Sahlberg checks the sky for traffic while Sergio waits in Casper.

Peter has let go and Sergio is concentrating on the takeoff roll.

Back way too soon.

Will Bergman is ready to roll and waiting for the tow.

Jessie is giving the launch signal and Will is about ready to...

...get going

Member Ken Talovich and two of his RV-8 friends fly by on way to...

...Missing Man formation in remembrance of Jan Zanutto.
Rick Eason giving a tribute to Jan Zanutto.

After the tribute we headed to the cow line in the Clubhouse.

Flying, food and fellowship; a great day!

Friday, October 19, 2018

Honoring Jan Zanutto. - CCSC Annual Banquet

We hope as many members as possible will attend the annual banquet but most importantly come to honor one of the most beloved members ever, Jan Zanutto.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Youth XC Camp, September 14-16, 2018

Visibility:      OK Friday, Very good Saturday and Sunday.
Wind:            Maximum surface winds about 6 gusting 13 all 3 days
Altitudes:      6000' max
Time Aloft:
Max Lift:
Temperature: Daytime highs of 85°, 85° & 83°
Tow pilots:    Dan Gudgel in AGC's Pawnee & Andrew Ouellet in CCSC's Cessna 150.


2018/09/14  13:25:38  Dan is waiting in the Pawnee for things to get going.

2018/09/14 13:26:04  I think this is KM in that cloud of dust.

2018/09/14 13:26:07  Three seconds later the dust is even worse. 

2018/09/14 13:45:55  Carl Engel is running the wing for AX. 

2018/09/14 13:46:04  The 150 is not as fast, but it makes a lot less dust.

2018/09/14 14:28:56  Andrew Ouellet is taking a break during a lull in the action.

2018/09/14  14:30:53  Jim is now in the backseat of KM for its second flight of the day.

2018/09/14  16:36:32  Race 7 makes a short-field landing.

2018/09/14  16:37:48   AX threading the needle between #7 and the camping area.

2018/09/14  16:37:49   AX threading the needle between #7 and the camping area.

Saturday??   The camera never even got out of the car.  :-(


2018-09-16   11:51:12  WS doing a self-launch.
2018-09-16   11:51:13  WS continues on a self-launch.

2018/09/16   11:41:14  Troy taking off in the Club's DG, "Juliett Bravo"

2018/09/16   11:50:36  Standing outside of the dust cloud created by...

2018/09/16   11:50:49  ,,,WS on another self-launch.

2018/09/16  12:02:21  Troy landing after an uncharacteristically short flight.

2018/09/16  12:30:11  Dan making a low pass over the runway.

2018/09/16  12:49:53   Race 16 ready for takeoff.

2018/09/16  12:49:58   Race 16 entering the dust on takeoff.

2018/09/16  13:02:22   HV ready for takeoff.

2018/09/16  13:02:47  (L to R) "Bo" (the dog) friend, instructor, and student talk by WS.

2018/09/16  13:02:50  (L to R) "Bo" (the dog) friend, instructor, and student talk by WS.

2018/09/16  13:02:56   Neiman pushing the Club DG out to launch.

2018/09/16  13:08:48   Dan waiting for glider to get ready.

2018/09/16  13:10:06  With the Pawnee's power and the DG's light weight, notice that wing runner Peter Sahlberg's feet aren't even touching the ground.

2018/09/16  13:10:07   Peter Sahlberg's feet still aren't touching the ground.

2018/09/16  13:19:42   WS taking an aerotow this time.

2018/09/16  13:19:56   WS gets a little more dust than when using self-launch.

Kevin flew with Simon Cooksey for all three days.  Simon is a PhD candidate in Mathematics from the UK where he flies at Nympsfield, a ridge site in the west of England.  He’s spending six months at an internship in the Bay Area.  Kevin reports that Simon did just fine getting adjusted to desert and mountain flying on this side of the pond.

2018-09-16  13:22:25  Kevin giving instruction to Simon in 1KS.

2018/09/16  13:25:00   Wyll starting his takeoff roll in the Libelle.

2018/09/16  13:25:01   Wyll's face shows concentration.

2018/09/16  13:30:26   HV ready to roll.

2018/09/16  13:30:40  

2018/09/16  13:37:49   Peter Sahlberg is now going to use his SGS 1-35 to fly.

2018/09/16  13:37:59   Peter Sahlberg in 1-35 on the roll.