Monday, September 20, 2021

Saturday September 4, 2021

Visibility: Mildly Hazy
Wind: Light and Variable
Altitudes: Not very high
Time Aloft: Not very long
Max Lift: 2-4 kts, lift started early today, and we wrapped up early today.  I'd guess it may have been better soaring a bit later in the day.  
Temperature: Not as hot as it's been for the last month.
Tow pilot: Kyle Hyde

It was a nice day at Avenal today, with good training conditions. I had to leave early. So I only made 3 flights today in N3613F,  but I think the people that came out got some good practice.  I flew with Christian Cueto and Gordon Cloes.  Christian is getting more flights under his belt and Gordon is already a rated pilot who has both a private power  rating and also a helicopter rating. They are both doing well,  and I think will be ready to solo in the near future. Quinn Marsh also made 2 solo flights in the other 2-33,   "22S"   today.   Also spending time at the field today was Rob Seerey.  He also was at the field the week before. He had visited Tehachapi and the Fantasy Haven gliderport the week before that,  and has an interest in Soaring and learning to fly. He spent both days at Avenal helping out and learning a lot on the ground. He helped run wings, hook up tow lines, charged the battery on the winch,  and was generally quite helpful.  He asked a lot of good questions and  seemed genuinely  interested in soaring,  and to be soaking up a lot of information. He also seemed to have mechanical talents and since he had spent so much time and energy traveling to gliderports in our general area, it seemed to me like he had earned a glider flight, and would appreciate and enjoy one.  Near the end of the day on Saturday, we asked him if he wanted to take a FAST ride, but it seemed to be a bit expensive, as did joining the club right now. So I offered to give him a ride at my expense,  if he'd give us a copy or a link  to any photos or video 
he had taken at Avenal or at Fantasy Haven or Mojave recently during his travels. I believe CCSA member  Carl Lindgren was at Fantasy Haven on Sept. 4th, so he may show up in Rob's video down below. Rob is interested not only in soaring,  but in other things as well, such as road trips, music, trains, old cars, ravens,  sea otters and other topics,  as you will see in his 
video link just below!

Saturday, September 18, 2021

The Real Thing

Visibility: Beautiful
Wind: Light, from the NE most of the day
Altitudes: Not much above release height
Time Aloft: Several 30+ minute flights
Max Lift: Modest & tough to center
Temperature: mid-60's to mid-80's
Comment: Photos by Rick Ibarra
Tow pilot: Dave Simpson

We train for rope breaks and other PT3 events, but most tows are pretty predictable and uneventful.  Rick tried a few simulated rope breaks today and handled each one in the right way.  So he's now properly sensitized to thinking ahead about where he's going to land if the tow should be unexpectedly interrupted.  All good stuff.

Then, we had the Real Thing!  This photo shows the glider-end weak link which did exactly what its supposed to do - break before the tow line or the towplane-end weak link.  So, Rick got both simulated RB and the Real Thing today and now has one real rope break in his log book.

Elsewhere at the field, Joe and Carl were out sharpening their skills in the air, and Alex, along with Steve (and his companion) logged some quality time with shovels working on our nemesis - the goat head thorn bushes.  Dave Simpson towed, for which we are appreciative.  Not the best soaring day of the year, but a pleasant, late summer day.