Sunday, January 19, 2020

Spring Training Season Underway!

Visibility:       5-10 miles in the Avenal area, fantastic 100+ miles above the inversion layer.
Wind:             Light north wind
Altitudes:       Whatever you released at.
Time Aloft:    How high did you release?
Max Lift:       From the Towplane.
Temperature:  Low 50s.
Comment:      Terrible soaring day, good training day.
Tow pilot:      Julie and Morgan

January 18, 2020

At about 10 minutes before 1:00, a group of F-18s returning from deployment overflew the field on their way to Lemoore N.A.S.

Aleks Radko has just landed.  Alex Caldwell is instructing Mark on takeoff.

Big sky - not very ominous - and little glider.

Kevin debriefs Braden after landing

Kevin instructs Eric as this flight is coming to its successful conclusion

Tops of the hills and the clouds silhouette Eric and Kevin in 22S just about to touchdown.

Wing runner is falling behind the accelerating 2-33, as student Mark supervised by Alex on the takeoff.

Eric & Kevin looking for traffic before launch.

Crunch the cameraman!

Martin and Karl chat while Julie is all smiles waiting for the towplane.

Eric is performing a good, full rudder slip!

Straighten it out to get ready for landing

Crosses the approach end at a good height for a short-field landing.

Spencer coaches student Conor how to work the trim on 22S prior to takeoff.

Conor is telling Kevin what he will do if the F18s attack

Wing runner Spencer, Karl watching, as Conor and Kevin begin the takeoff roll.
Unfortunately, I did not get the camera our earlier in the day to catch those flights.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

The CCSA Annual Members Meeting will be held at Avenal on February 15, 2020.  Please make plans to attend!

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Last Day of DST for 2019

Visibility:  Far
Wind: Light
Altitudes:  Modest
Time Aloft:  A bit
Max Lift: Soft
Temperature: Perfect mid 70s
Tow pilot:  Iron Man Karl Kunz

We wrapped up Daylight Saving Time in fine fashion today at Avenal.  While gliderports elsewhere are closing for the season, we are looking forward to some good flying through winter at Avenal and New Coalinga.  We did about 20 tows today and had 5 ships in the air.

For several weeks, a number of members have worked long and hard to scrape our runways clear of tumbleweeds and goathead thorn bushes.  This shot looks across the parallel runways, which are as clear and smooth as they've ever been.

 The shot above looks SE from the clubhouse down to the arrival end of Runway 31. 

The shot above looks NW toward the departure end of Runway 31.

We've used several tractors in this process, and Morgan's mother was kind enough to let us use her tractor for the final phase of the runway clean-up project.  Thanks to good work by Richard, its running again and will be put to back into action in the coming days.

We are fortunate to have weather conditions that allow us to fly year-round.  Be sure to come out and maintain your currency and proficiency over the winter.  You'll be ready and sharp when the spring season arrives.

Monday, July 29, 2019

7-27-2019 Zach Yamauchi Passes Commercial Checkride

Visibility:       10 Miles+
Wind:             Light northwest
Altitudes:       7000 (Richard)
Time Aloft:    Richard Walker; 2 Hours
Max Lift:        6 Kts.
Temperature:  105°F
Comment:       Hot, but productive.
Tow pilot:       Alex Caldwell

Dan Gudgel, Alex Caldwell, and Zach Yamauchi gathered early to test Zach's Commercial Glider skills.

Zach taking off from Runway 13 after a very low altitude PTT from Runway 31.

Try it again from Runway 31

On final approach for the final time.
About to nail the stop point, this ride is just about over.
Congratulations are in order.
Cries have already started coming in for Zach to get his CFI-G--probably won't be too long!

Way to go, Zach!

Later, new member Kris Caldwell got checked out to solo in the 1-26.  With an ATP rating and F-35 time, he won't be a glider student very long.  

About an hour later, Dan checked Kris out in the towplane--a hot day with a glider in tow has GOT to be a completely different experience than F-18s and F-35s!

Kevin had a few lessons with student Will Bergman, Aleks Radco took his ship up, Jim flew the 1-26 after Kris (with Kris at the forward end of the rope), and Zach took the 1-26 for a flight, too.

Richard Walker had a good flight in his 1-35.  He ventured out further than the 2-33 and 1-26 fliers did, and found convergence.  He by far had the longest flight of the day, (I'm guessing) 1.5 to 2 hours.

Hot, but productive.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Visibility:  Pretty far
Wind: Light
Altitudes: 3,000-ish
Time Aloft: Modest
Max Lift:Modest
Temperature:Getting to be Summer
Comment: Mellow day in Avenal
Tow pilot: Julie B.

Erich Harding Solo'd Today!

Don Flinn said "CCSA has a young man who is currently the youngest solo pilot in California.  Just a few months past his 14th birthday, Erich Harding soloed in N3613F AKA"Big Bird" for 15 minutes today, reaching an altitude of 3000ft.  Please join our instructors, all of whom enjoyed helping Erich achieve this milestone, in congratulating Erich on his accomplishment."

Just before the launch.

Taking out the slack.

About to go wings level for first solo launch.

Erich Harding's First Solo - with his instructor, Don Flinn

Julie and Bob are refueling 5U from the new fuel cart.  Jim has prepared an excellent set of instructions for how to use the new fuel cart, which can be found here.

And, also thanks to good work by Jim and Richard and others, 22S has a new metal skid, some other upgrades and is about ready to return to the air.