CCSA Region 11/12 Youth Cross Country Scholarship

In September 2018, the Central California Soaring Association Inc., a 501(c)(3) corporation based at CA69 in Avenal California, established a Youth XC Scholarship with a generous donation from SSA Region 11 Director Jay McDaniel. In 2019 the Carl Herold Trust provided an additional donation bolstering this scholarship for many years to come.

The future success of this scholarship will depend on continued support from donors interested in advancing cross country soaring in the region. If you are interested in making a donation, you can find more information in the attached document or by emailing the CCSA Treasurer.

The application for the scholarship can be downloaded directly in Word or PDF form. Applications are evaluated on a first come, first serve basis each calendar year.  

The CCSA Scholarship Committee looks forward to awarding multiple scholarships in 2021.  


Morgan Hall
Scholarship Committee Chairperson

Scholarship Details

This scholarship is established to aid novice glider pilots with financial need to improve their XC skills and experience. This award will provide up to $250 toward increasing knowledge and skills in the realm of cross country soaring.

There are two tiers of scholarship. Pre-Bronze Badge and Post Bronze Badge

The Pre-Bronze Badge scholarship exists to help motivate youth pilots to get their bronze badge and pursue cross country soaring. The Post Bronze Badge scholarship is to assist pilots in expanding their XC knowledge and experience. The requirements for a Bronze Badge are listed at

Recipients of the Pre-Bronze Badge Scholarship may apply for the Post Bronze Badge Scholarship upon completion of eligibility requirements.


  • Junior pilots under age 26 at the time of application 
  • Must have at least a private pilot certificate with rating in gliders 
  • Must not have any OLC flights in excess of 250km 
  • Limited to SSA Region 11 and Region 12 pilots 

Pre-Bronze Badge Requirements

  • Must have 15hrs PIC in gliders 
  • Must not have completed the SSA Bronze Badge 

Post Bronze Badge Requirements

  • Must have completed the SSA Bronze Badge 
  • Must have 25hrs PIC in gliders for the Post Bronze Badge award 
  • Must have access to a cross country capable glider and tow vehicle 

Scholarship Details:

$250 towards instructor fees, tows, equipment and required books to further XC Soaring knowledge and experience.

The Scholarship recipients shall provide a quarterly report on their progress and experience which may be shared with the SSA and potentially published in Soaring.

Scholarship Preferences:

  • Financial need 
  • Actively enrolled students in accredited institutions 
  • Demonstrated commitment to the soaring community 
  • Region 11 pilots 

Application process:

Applications for a given year may be submitted any time after January 1st. The Scholarship Committee will review applications on a first come, first serve basis and make a determination about awarding the scholarship. Once all scholarships for a given year have been awarded, applicants will be notified to resubmit their application the following year.

Completed applications to be submitted via:


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