Saturday, December 5, 2015

Saturday, December 5th, 2015

Visibility:        15 miles down low
Wind:             Light--peak gust of 9 MPH during flying part of day
Altitudes:        Release height.
Time Aloft:     Maybe 15 minutes.
Max Lift:        None.
Temperature:   Every body commented how nice the temps were.  (peak of 62°F)
Comment:       Easy Day.
Tow pilot:       Jim

Today was mostly a work day.  Mike Paoli worked on his Libelle some.  Alex worked some on his on his Nimbus, then started clearing tumble weeds and trash from the street side of the clubhouse.  Richard Walker worked on the main gate.

Mario Pauda took the only two glider flights in the Club's 1-26.  Mike Paoli was going to take the 1-26 up, but when the towpilot took too much time at Big Bird, Mike decided to put the 1-26 away and work on his glider.

Jan hand paints the strip the was masked off to keep exterior paint away from the interior.

Martin Caskey tightens a screw on the skidplate.  Larry Johnson is turning the ratchet on the opposite end of the screw.  You can see Larry's legs poking out below, but the rest of him is buried in the fuselage in order to reach the nuts.

Instrument Panel is in.  Pitot and static lines are run.

Martin installed the wheel . tire brake assembly last weekend.

The canopy and  its frame are coming together