Aircraft Fleet


N4205U 1964 Cessna 150D with 150hp O-320

2-33 Training Gliders

Single Seat Gliders

1-26E - N17925

POH for the 1-26

1-26 Flight Privilege Requirements
  • Solo Endorsed
  • 10 solo flights in 2 seat aircraft
  • 1-26 Pre-solo test passed
  • Instructor solo endorsement for 1-26
  • Instructor cockpit checkout

DG 101G - N132S

POH for the DG 100
Weight and Balance sheet - updated link
Weight and Balance calculator for cross checking your work.
DG100 Checkout Process

Summary of DG Flight Privilege Requirements
  • Private Pilot Glider or higher certificate
  • A minimum of 10 flights as PIC of a high performance glider (>33:1) or single place glider.
    • The board of directors reserves the right to adapt these requirements on an individual basis based on previous candidate flight experience. 

  • Rigged and derigged the DG100 3 times under direct supervision of an approved DG100 pilot before cleared to rig the glider independently
  • Fill out DG-100 Application Form(get link from Operations Officer)
  • Pass a pre-solo written test
  • Gain access in Click-n-glide prior to scheduling your first flight
  • Instructor cockpit checkout and endorsement in your logbook

Ship Captain 
  • Members are expected to serve as ship captain from time to time.
  • The details of the ship captain program are found here.

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