Local Soaring Info

Central California Soaring Map

Based on the work by Mike Reid, this map indicates lift zones, landmarks and landouts in the Central California area.

Santa Ynez Google Earth Tours

I built a couple of tours in Google Earth for the Santa Ynez valley.  The idea is to give pilots a sense of where the typical hotspots and lift entry points are at. Obviously can't show every trigger, but at least a handful of the important ones.

The Narration portion is a little bit rough.  The hard part is getting it in one take and I didn't bother with a script.

If you have Google Earth installed, you should be able to open the KMZ file.

Once that opens, there will be a couple of "Tours" and if you select the tour a little "Play Tour" button appears at the lower right of the explorer box.  I'll attach a screenshot for the Mac version of Google Earth.  Probably the same for the Windows version, but may be slightly different.

Inline image 1

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