Thursday, May 4, 2017

Work Party 29 April 2017

Time Aloft:
Max Lift:
Comment: Work Day while towplane annual
Tow pilot:

Saturday the 29th was a work day.  The towplane was undergoing work associated with the annual inspection.
The following members were present: Skip Breidbach, Martin Caskey, Rick Eason, Harold Gallagher
Sergio Grajeda, Morgan Hall, John Harbick, Karl Kunz, Dennis Lyons,  Mike Paoli,  Jeff Richardson      
 Jim Rickey, Kevin Shaw,  Richard Walker
Non member helping with the weed whacking/mowing Chanoa Lynn.  She was driving by & saw Jeff, Skip, Morgan, & Mike weed whacking & stopped to help.  She spent most of the day working on our club grounds.
Working on the towplane for the day was Martin Caskey, Jim Rickey & Karl Kunz.  Sergio Grajeda was the 'utility man' helping with the towplane & the weed whacking or anywhere he could, as he usually does.  The weed whacking crew consisted of Mike Paoli, Jeff Richardson, Morgan Hall, Skip Breidbach & Sergio.  

Chanoa cleaned up the front around all the palm trees.  Rick Eason & Kevin Shaw worked to disassemble the Blanik & get it on the trailer with Richard Walker & John Harbick helping loading.  John also picked up all the bags of weed clippings from in front of the patio & loaded them in his truck. 

Richard spent the day cleaning the sink area in the clubhouse in preparation for removal of sink, cabinets and drywall due to mold.  

I didn't arrive until about 10:00 am but spent his time mowing Runway 8 again.  The weeds and grass were still green and four or five inches high.  I also mowed a pathway for the towplane/towrope from the pylon to the runway.  That provides a path for the towrope & towplane so the towplane won't drag the towrope through the weeds.  I left with the tractor in tow about 6:00 pm.

After the work Kevin & Sergio went flying in Kevin's Tarus motor glider for a couple of hours.

Jeff attacking weeds
 Burrito Lunch (2:00 pm)
Street side cleaned by Mike & Chanoa
Still some debris to haul off
Weeds cleared from La Neva Blvd. to fence.

Kevin & Sergio preparing to take off.

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