Monday, April 17, 2017

SATURDAY, April 15, 2017. Beautiful day but cold aloft.

Visibility: Unlimited
Wind: Light and variable.
Altitudes: 4000+ msl
Time Aloft: More than 2 hours.
Max Lift: 600 fpm.
Temperature: Cool 60's.
Comment: Tow pilot mix up.
Tow pilot: Harold Gallagher, Dan Gudgel

A very nice day. Weather nearly perfect except aloft where the cold winds in the back of the 2-33 make for a frigid flight. Griff Malloy took me up for 36 minutes and I finally had to call a halt to his good thermaling for a warm spot on the ground.

Bennett Diamond should be taking his Phase check flight next time and that nears him quite close to solo flight. He's done well all along and I expect things to go smoothly for him over the next few weeks.

Joe Anastasio and Troy Wollman flying the high performance gliders had fun all afternoon. I believe Troy used several launches just to practice landings and using runway 7. Joe was more than satisfied with his long flight, touring the area down to 41 and 33, then back up along the Temblor Range and the West Ridge.

Olivia Lockhart had her schedule full with students from SLO until about 1:00 pm when she headed back home near the Coast.

Peter Sahlberg was out today and flew his 1-35. I've had no report yet chronicling his activity aloft. He'll be gone for several months on assignment so we won't have his fun personality back until late June.

Troy Wollman preparing the DG100 for flight later in the day.
Bennett Diamond getting closer to solo flight. This turned into a 400 foot sim rope break, landing runway 7.
Bennett was ready for anything including a sim rope break although it did surprise him.
Beginning at 9:00 am, the folks here early could have used this for a tow. But not at  37,000 msl.
Griff Malloy hasn't been out for months and needed a few refresher flights to renew his solo privileges.

A few of the students out for the day from SLO.
Troy Wollman has a group of observers ready to pass judgment on how he handles the DG100.
Griff Malloy just about to launch in Big Bird, with the tow rope nice and tight.
Griff is following nicely behind Dan Gudgel in the tow plane.
Troy Wollman launches into the blue sky where the lift was good but not great.
Joe Anastasio had a really nice two+ hour flight in the PW-5 and above 4000 msl.
Troy on tow above us not yet at release altitude.
Troy is now off tow and heading away from out thermal.
Mario Pauda launching in his very nice 1-26 for multiple flights none very long or high.
Mario following the tow plane right in perfect position, not letting the tow plane get above him.
Joe Anastasio is quite happy having just finished his two+ hour flight in this, his PW-5.
Andrew Palmer and Griff Malloy enjoying the great weather at Avenal in late afternoon.

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