Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Visibility: Unlimited
Wind: Light and variable from the NW
Altitudes: 4000+msl.
Time Aloft: Over an hour.
Max Lift: 400 fpm.
Temperature: Cool 70's
Comment: Good turnout for the meeting.
Tow pilot: Julie Butler, thanks for your contribution.

Before the meeting friends gather and exchange notes.
Peter Mersino bringing the financial data for the club members.
Good turnout except for the members from SLO who were on Summer Break.
Nearly time for the meeting to start.
President Morgan Hall's presentation was thorough and detailed enough for all.
Members weren't just there. They were there and interested and informed.
We haven't seen John Harbick for awhile due to some nasty injuries.
More interested parties in the proceedings. Welcome to you both.
Tow plane on final for runway 7's nice grass strip. Julie Butler flying.
Jeff Richardson about to fly for his BFR, amazed that two years has gone by so quickly.
The tow plane maneuvers into position taking up the rope slack.
Jeff Richardson feeling pretty good about his flying. He's been away a few weeks but still flies well.
Clark Woolf continues his training so that he can solo again. He has been away since last August.

Clark's first flight was a bit rusty as was expected, and we managed to scrape off most of that rust.
Joe Anastasio about to fly his PW-5 with Larry Johnson helping out.
A beautiful glider landing on a beautiful grass runway here at Avenal.
Clark back in the air and this time he did exceptionally well thermalling an additional 1900 feet. Nice going Clark.
Xray Delta flying over the brown fields in search of lift.
Two Charlie and Four Mike on the ground with the 1-35 and Big Bird.
Pancho Herrera about to launch in his Libelle with Larry Johnson and Sergio Grajeda standing by to help.
Peter Sahlberg landing his Schweizer 1-35 after a flight with very little good lift.
Maneuvering Big Bird back for another launch.
Big Bird on tow for another flight in late afternoon. Might be the last one today.

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