Sunday, March 19, 2017

SATURDAY, March 18, 2017. Grajeda Familia Visits

Visibility: Unlimited all quadrants.
Wind: Light and variable from the northwest mostly.
Altitudes: 4000+
Time Aloft: Less than an hour.
Max Lift: 400 fpm.
Temperature: Warm low 80's.
Comment: Beautiful day at Avenal.
Tow pilot: Luciano Whorl (Looch).


Harry Davies is leaving the CCSC and California for the East Coast and a desired assignment entering the Test Pilot School. See the last photograph in this series for Harry and more information.

Here's a note from Peter Sahlberg about his flight today in the Schweizer 1-35:

I made two flights; release on the first was over town where I found some 200 fpm and one 400 fpm.  I tried to run upwind to see if there was lift elsewhere and quickly found that there was none.  Below 2,200 the air was very smooth and the landing was uneventful.  I took a second tow at about 1:40 out to the foothills to the west and found 500 fpm down.  I ran back toward town and found some 100 fpm up along the way.  I continued east until I was over the town and slowly descended until it was pattern time.  It was a very nice day with green grass everywhere, blue skies, white clouds but not a lot of lift! 


Today Luciano (Looch) Whorl's Dad, (Greg) came to visit. He lives in Seattle, is a CFI at a local flying field and is on vacation to visit with his son. Greg and I had a nice long chat about glider flying soon after he went for a ride here at Avenal. There are two glider fields nearby, one a bit farther east but probably better lift there than in the immediate Seattle area. So Greg just might seek out one of those gliderports and maybe get involved in soaring. I think he'd really get hooked on gliders.

Joe Oldham regaling Nels Siverson, Greg Luciano, and Aly Tawfik with war stories
Alex Caldwell conducting a  Biennial Flight Review for Dennis.

Joe and Aly head back to Fresno Chandler in Joe's light sport aircraft.
They just barely fit in that nice Light Sport aircraft that sometimes flies like a glider.
Alex and Dennis after one of the three required flights for his BFR.
Peter Sahlberg is going to fly his Schweizer 1-35 after a few weeks of being on the ground.
While Peter flies the 1-35, Richard Walker will fly the 1-26 with Eric Burlingame standing by.
Alex and Dennis in more conversation about the BFR.
Nels Siverson about to launch on another of his training flights.
Nels is enjoying a 3 knot thermal on a day when good lift was hard to find.
 A close look at the variometer showing the 3 knot lift Nels was working.
Peter Sahlberg about to launch in his 1-35 while Dennis Lyons runs the wing.
Richard Walker on short final in the 1-26 for runway 31L.
Concentration is essential with just a few seconds to go before touchdown on runway 31L.
Wings up, slack out of the rope, tail wagged, tow plane begins the takeoff.
Dan Gudgel taking a friend for his first glider ride.
Peter Sahlberg on short final for runway 31L.
Nice  landing on an equally nice grass runway at Avenal.
Bennett Diamond continuing his quest for solo flight in the near future.
Eric Burlingame running the wing on Big Bird for Dan's demo flight.
A lovely Bird.
Tobias Grajeda about to take his first glider ride with his uncle Sergio Grajeda.
Both are excited about flying together with Toby's Dad nearby.
Paul Grajeda, Sr., Paul Jr., Tobias Grajeda, and Sergio Grajeda.
Neiman Walker landing the tow plane overhead and onto runway 31R.
Bennett Diamond scanning the sky for other gliders before running the wing of the Orange Crush.
Big Bird is launching while another crew waits to assist the Orange Crush.
Most of those shown are from Cal Poly just before finals week. 
Another really nice guy leaves the CCSC. Harry Davies is headed to the East Coast and Patuxent River NAS.
Harry has been a great addition to our club, both towing and owning his Libelle, housed in the trailer that says, ASW 27B. Harry got a very choice assignment to Pax River to enter the Test Pilot School and we wish him a world of good luck and many happy years ahead. Thanks for being such a great member of CCSC, Harry. Come back whenever you can and stay in touch with us via any media you choose. Buena Suerte, good friend.

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