Sunday, March 19, 2017

SATURDAY March 11, 2017.

Visibility: Unlimited.
Wind: Light and variable from the northwest.
Altitudes: Not much more than tow height.
Time Aloft: More than an hour.
Max Lift: 800 fpm.
Temperature: Cool 70's.
Comment: Beautiful day for flying anything.
Tow pilot: Andrew Ouellet

Another normal day at Avenal. Can't hardly beat the kind of weather we get here most of the year. Today there was plenty of flight training going on between Don Flinn, Alex Caldwell, and me. It was enhanced by the quick turnaround of the Maule tow plane. It's great to tow behind that power even with a gross weight 2-33. There wasn't too much waiting time on the ground.

Today we had to say goodbye to another of our great CCSC members. Andrew Ouellet is heading north to Seattle for a career in a Space development company. Andrew is one of those wonderful guys that you want to have in the club for as long as possible. He's also a brilliant mind and will make a huge contribution to the things going on in Space development. Watch for his name in the future of space.

God Speed Andrew. All of us will miss your smiling face, boundless energy, and willingness to make a significant contribution to CCSC. Stay in touch and visit us again when you're back in the area.

Clark Woolf thermalling in a nice strong, 8 knot thermal. Note the variometer.
Connor Zabroki nearing launch while Jennifer Bauman is ready to hook up the tow rope.
The grass is still a bit high but the yellow flowers makes it all look so inviting. 
Peter Hartmann's beautiful 1972 Maule, a very good tow plane with power and climb rate.
Another launch on our temporary grass runway. That's temporary grass, not runway. 
Maybe one more tow and the Maule heads back south towards Santa Barbara.
Don Flinn and Andrew Ochoa waiting for a tow and another training flight.

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