Sunday, March 19, 2017

SATURDAY, March 4, 2017. Gliderport Cleanup Day. Eric Solos.

Visibility: Unlimited
Wind: 10-12 kts direct crosswind, from 220 degrees.
Altitudes: Tow altitudes mostly
Time Aloft: Less than 30 minutes including tow.
Max Lift: Sometimes 3-400 fpm
Temperature: Cool in the high 60's.
Comment: Dennis Lyons organized a cleanup day.
Tow pilot: Andrew Ouellet, Jim Rickey.


The fruit of Dennis Lyons organization skill consisting of numerous Club Members is seen in the following  photos.

Patio Before, 2-25-17
Patio After, 3-4-17
Front Lawn Before, 2-25-17
Front Lawn After, 3-4-17
Tie Down Area, 3-4-17
A massive cleanup job worked on by many members wielding rakes, weedwackers, pitchforks, trucks and trailers, tractors, shovels, hoes, hands and feet. There was so much weed around the field it seemed impossible to get it all done in a single day. But most of it is gone and with a little less rain in the coming months, we may not have to do any more this season.

Thanks, Dennis, for organizing the effort and thanks to all the members who came early and worked until mid afternoon. The field looks great!

Jim Bell getting Big Bird ready to haul out to the launch area at 11:00 am for expected immediate flights.
Dennis Lyons accessory for cutting lawn needs a belt for the drive wheels.
Two members in the photo work hard around the clubhouse and have made significant progress as shown.
Not sure how many members it takes to change a drive belt on the mower.
Unfortunately we see our runway in such beautiful shape just once a year after the rains.
Sergio Grajeda preparing passengers for their demo ride.
Erich Harding, our youngest member, after a very nice flight with a skill set beyond his years.
Clark Woolf back at Avenal after 5 months off.  He soloed in August 2016 but now needs multiple refresher flights.
Alex and friend just standing around waiting for a flight. Christiana is new to our field.
Eric Burlingame about to take his first solo flight in Big Bird from the far northwest end.
Concentration is evident on Eric's face as he prepares for the launch.
Eric off tow and flying downwind for runway 13R. He's in good position.
Eric passing over the launch end of the runway at the right height for a nice midfield landing.
Alex Caldwell taking another passenger up for a demo ride.
Members pushing Big Bird out of the way for the next launch.
Ready to launch on runway 13L with ground crew standing by.
Big Bird parked at the launch end after Eric Burlingame's first solo flight.
Alex Caldwell flying with Olivia Lockhart for a field checkout.
View of the tow plane just ahead of the Orange Crush prior to launch.
Jennifer Bauman in a pensive pose.
Olivia's liftoff puts the glider is good position behind the tow plane.
Olivia is maybe a bit high and slightly to the left of center.

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