Monday, July 31, 2017

SATURDAY, July 29, 2017. Ken Talovich flies in, has a demo ride.

Visibility: Unlimited
Wind: Light and variable from the E
Altitudes: 8300 msl
Time Aloft: 2.5 hours
Max Lift: 600 fpm
Temperature: 105 degrees
Comment: Too hot for comfort at least on the ground.
Tow pilot: Dan Gudgel.

Jan Zanutto and Rick Eason had an excellent flight in their new Grob. Here is Jan's story:

On Saturday the 29th Rick Eason and I pushed the Grob out and prepared for what I thought was going to be some ridge flying up over Black. The attached picture shows the first 15 minutes of our flight.

First 15 minutes of Jan and Rick's flight.

Dan towed us over to the power lines along Tar ridge and a right-hander put us into some nice lift. Within 15 minutes of being on the ground we were climbing through 6000 feet on our way to what would be the top-out at 8300. Nice! I really believe that the new black of Black mountain is putting off some strong thermals. 

We worked Castle, then tried pushing out into the blue to see where the line might be. Didn't really find it, so we lost some altitude and went back to Black to regain height. Then we pushed down to Orchard for a look at the Temblors. There were CU down along the Temblors, I couldn't really tell just how far and I thought I'd maybe try to push out to around highway 46 and see if there was anything that could help me make it limp back across the gap. 

Not finding much out that way, we pushed back to Tar, and tried going East toward Kettleman. Nothing but a sled ride out that way, but having 8000 feet to play with it was kinda fun being able to push out and see what was lurking out there, and then run back to regain what was lost. 

Great day, at about 2.5 hours, and we could have stayed up for twice that if we had wanted to. I have included some Instagram video links so you can see the breadth of the fire.

Hosing off the 1-26 is a nice gesture. All the gliders need it weekly.

Alex Caldwell and John Harbick are preparing for a refresher flight since John hasn't flown in awhile.

Ken Talovich on final in his beautiful RV-8. He's considering glider flight lessons after his demo ride.

Short final for runway 31R and Ken's RV-8 is in perfect position.

You have to see this RV-8 to believe how immaculate it is in all respects. The paint alone is artistic.

Neiman Walker in the 1-26, good position just above the runway. 

Eric Burlingame in Big Bird launching for a nice flight.

Ken Talovich's RV-8. The exhaust pipes are painted on, not real. Even the rivets are painted on.

Ken's wife, Tammy, is painted on a Vargas body. On the hatch cover she is crying because Ken is gone all the time.

Yes, even the machine guns and trailing smoke are just painted on. You need to see it up close to believe it.

Ken making a 200 mph flyby over the runway 31R.

Ken has a smoke adaption on his RV-8 that makes a nice looking trail after him.

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