Monday, July 31, 2017

SATURDAY, July 22, 2017

Visibility: Unrestricted.
Wind: Early from the NW, later from the SE but light and variable
Altitudes: 5400 msl.
Time Aloft: More than two hours
Max Lift: 1000 fpm
Temperature: Hot, above 100 degrees
Comment: Meeting on the patio early, soaring in the afternoon.
Tow pilot: Julie Butler and later, Neiman Walker.

The long burn scar from the Avenal fire that consumed the entire ridge all the way to Coalinga.

Luca Soares and Jim Rickey looking at the aileron and the hinges connecting it.

Julie Butler moves the tow plane into position for a hot day launch.

Those are the mountains where we typically go to get good soaring. Now Tar Peak is just a black ridge.

Joe Anastasio on his way to finish assembling his PW-5.

Jim Rickey and Troy Wollman talk over the condition of the tail wheel from the DG-100.

Luca Soares and Joe Anastasio going in different directions but with the same objective.

The trio are still looking at the tail wheel hub on the DG-100.

Niva, friend of Eric Burlingame, waits patiently on the patio with her young puppy.

Moving Big Bird past the patio are Eric Burlingame driving the tow vehicle and Luca Soares walking the wing.

The wheel hub had numerous cracks in it and will need to be ordered to fly again. Troy, Jim, and Joe all agreed.

Luca Soares watching as Neiman Walker launches in the 1-26. We'll see more of him aloft.

Hosing off Big Bird is Luca Soares and sure does make the glider reflect yellow much more brightly.

Luca Soares ready to launch in Big Bird for a renewal of his solo privileges.

Luca in a 3-knot thermal working it well and gaining altitude quickly.

He was able to convert the last thermal into a 5-knot thermal and we got into the cool upper air more quickly. Ahhhh!

Neiman Walker in the 1-26 below us and he's heading for our thermal, a good move for him.

And then we headed to his thermal when we saw Neiman above the horizon. It meant he was above us.

Neiman Walker above us in the same thermal gaining altitude about the same rate as we were.

We finally moved away from Neiman in the 1-26 and looked for another thermal nearby.

The very long burn scar from Tar Canyon on the left all the way to Coalinga.

All that shows are the uplifted rock patterns at the base of the West Ridge. That ranch house was nearly consumed.

A better view of the uplifted rocks along the base just northwest of Tar Canyon, off to the left of the photo.

Luca Soares after his very nice flight, thermalling well, and renewing his solo privileges.

Eric Burlingame on tow in the Orange Crush, nice and low in good position.

The gouge left by the tail wheel on the Orange Crush. Let's hope that during restoration that tail wheel will be fixed.

Carlos, Avenal resident, and student at Cal Poly taking a demo ride. He may join his fellow students and take lessons.

Yes, Carlos definitely liked the ride (we topped 5000 msl) and perhaps he'll be back soon to begin flight lessons.

Zach Yamauchi getting in two checkride practice flights today. He takes his written on Monday. (95%).

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