Monday, July 31, 2017

SATURDAY, July 1, 2017.

Visibility: Clear and unlimited
Wind: Southeast light and variable.
Time Aloft:
Max Lift: 800 fpm
Temperature: Plus 100 deg
Tow pilot: Julie Butler.

Rick Eason trying out his new Grob, solo this time, and had lots of fun.

And Rick had a lot of help from Julie Butler who braved the heat to help out on the launch line.

It takes awhile to get situated in that Grob for a big guy like Rick.

OK, the last items are handed over and his solo flights should begin soon.

Back from his solo flight in the Grob, Rick Eason is very happy with his and the glider performance.

Russ Genet, back from world travels and soaring flights elsewhere, adapts to the Orange Crush.

Erich Harding just after a nice flight in the Orange Crush. He is really getting good at glider control.

Luca Soares hasn't flown solo for awhile and wanted a few training flights to restore skill and confidence.

Luca Soares about ready to launch on a good training flight.

Russ Genet taking a second flight because he wasn't happy with his performance on the first flight today.

Sergio Grajeda helps his father get belted in for a nice, Father-Son afternoon of flying.

You can't miss knowing these two are father and son. Look at the amazing resemblance.

Now they are just about to launch and Sergio looks happy taking his dad for a glider ride.

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