Thursday, May 15, 2014

Contest Day 1, May 15, 2014

Visibility:         Great
Wind:              NW to NE, 2-8 MPH, Gusts up to 15.
Time Aloft:
Max Lift:
Temperature:   93° at launch time, 98° at end.
Tow pilot:       Alaln White in the 150, Shawn Knight in the Pawnee.

Morgan is giving the briefing to the contestants.

 Gliders lined up on the grid.

Dan is getting ready to run a wing again,  Nina is providing shade to the last glider pilot.  Karl Kunz joins us today at the controls of his ASW-20B-15, "Golf-Delta."

Thorsten Strepple joins us today in his LS-6, "Kilo Delta."

Eric Rupp also joins us today in his ASW-27, with appropriate callsign "ER."

Martin waves at the camera as Morgan does a celebratory low pass in 5H at 6:08 PM.
All gliders are "home" at 6:09 PM.

The lime colored dots and lines ar the "traces" of the routes each glider took.
 (Try the online Sailplane tracker.  You will have to find the left arrow near the bottom to go back to this day.)

Here are the scores for the day:

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