Thursday, May 15, 2014

Contest Day 0 Practice Day, May 14, 2014

Visibility:          Very Good
Wind:              8 MPH peak sustained, 14 MPH max. gust.
Time Aloft:      5:00 hours
Max Lift:
Temperature:  91° @ 12:07 (first launch);  98° peak @ 4:39 PM
Tow pilot:       Allen White

Sergio Colacevich is assembling his ASW-27.

Martin Caskey is assisting Bill Gawthrop fill the water ballast of his Jonker Sailplanes JS1-B.

The RASP got a loit of attention today.


We were wondering how our little Cessna 150 would do lifting a 1600# glider in 90°F + weather.  Did OK!

Sergio is ready for takeoff.
 Ethan runs the wing for Sergio at 12:53.

After Jim in 1B has launched, Nina provides shade for Eric, pilot of 1DB.

Jan Zanutto takes off in 7K, a DG-100, at 1:27 PM.

Walter Friedrich, in another cloud of dust, takes off in Papa Tango, a Ventus B-15, at 1:38.

Morgan runs the wing for Walt Rogers in Whiskey X-Ray, a Discus 2a, as he takes off at 1:50 PM.

Morgan likes to be above the ground!

Ron Hess, in E4, a DG-800-B-18, provides his own thrust for takeoff at 1:58 PM.

Ron begins an impressive angle of climb, which his bird maintained.

Whiskey X-Ray had announced he was coming in for a "re-light, but found lift over the gliderport and kept on climbing.

Morgan and Ethan are getting ready to go in 5H, a Duo Discus.  No, Ethan is not napping, just happened to be checking something the moment this picture was snapped.
Martin runs the wing for Morgan and Ethan, taking off at 2:25.

A few seconds after takeoff, Morgan is calling the towplane about traffic straight ahead.  Bet this pilot was surprised to see so much activity here on a weekday.

Walter lands at 2:54 PM.  He was not feeling good, and made the good decision to call it a day.
Jim is landing in 1B at 3:40 PM.

More traffic in the pattern.

Martin mows weeds along the south side of runway 7-25.
Taller than the wheels, it is time to mow them.

Jan Zanutto lands in 7K at 3:58 PM.

Heat waves distort the image as Eric in 1DB lands at 4:03 PM.
 A few minutes later, Sergio touches down in C2 at 4:11 PM.

Bill in F8 gives a low pass with the jet sustainer engine running.
Then touches down at 4:16 PM.

Walt touches down in WX at 5:09.

Ron in E4 touches down at 5:15 PM.
Morgan in 5H finishes the day with a touchdown at 5:38 PM.

While Morgan is handling the controls, Ethan gets to relax and smile for the camera...or maybe he is looking to see if the silly cameraman is too close!

Results of today's practice run.

 A good night's sleep is on order for the next day...clouds and contrails by the moon..

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