Saturday, June 19, 2021

Summer Comes to Avenal

Visibility: Long / far / blue
Wind: Easterly X wind most of the day, which finally became westerly at the end
Altitudes: 8,000' plus
Time Aloft: 1 hour plus        
Max Lift: 4-6 knots all around
Temperature: 108-ish
Tow pilot: Logan & Kyle H.

Aaaaahhhh, at last.  Summer in Avenal.  We were finally able to put away the parkas, mittens and woolen caps, and break out the flip-flops, straw hats and suntan lotion.


Or maybe just usual CA69 summer temps and good summer lift.  

The soaring forecasts were a little exuberant, but we did get the full 8,000' MSL over the airport predicted by some of the RASPs.  Skysight seemed a bit optimistic, but there were some wispies over the San Benitos that could have been in the 12,000' plus range that was forecast.

Kyle H. earned his C Badge today and every student got a healthy dose of summer thermaling with good Xwind launch & landing practice.  And most agreed that it was a lot more pleasant at altitude than sitting on the ground.

Thanks to Logan and Kyle for towing. 

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