Saturday, June 26, 2021

Lazy Days of Summer

Visibility: Clear    
Wind: 10 knot Xwind from NE most of the day
Altitudes: low 4,000's MSL  
Time Aloft: About an hour
Max Lift: some 6 knot cores and lots of 3-4 knot climbs
Temperature: low 100's
Comment: Lots of time for projects
Tow pilot: Dan Gudgel

It was an slow, somewhat leisurely day at Avenal today.  As it should be this time of year - no one wants to get in a big hurry in the heat.

Rick I. was down from San Jose and got a handful of flights with Alex and with Kevin.  He's making very good progress and will soon have this whole soaring thing figured out.

Rick enjoying the thermals.

CA69 on a summer day

Quinn M. had some good times with simulated rope breaks and working some awesome dust devils.  (and for good measure, cleaned out the restrooms - thank you, Quinn!)

Alex C. and Carl L. worked on preparations for Carl's upcoming practical test.

Alex and Jim R. completed a flight review. And then Richard W. and Jim replaced a bad valve core and air'ed up a tractor tire and Carl took it out for some mid-afternoon mowing.

Dan G. towed and generally kept the place under control.

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