Sunday, February 11, 2018

SATURDAY, February 3, 2018, CCSC Annual Meeting.

Visibility: Unlimited
Wind: Light and variable from the NW
Altitudes: Mostly release altitudes
Time Aloft: More than an hour.
Max Lift: 2-3 kts
Temperature: Cool in the 60's
Comment: Nice turnout for the meeting.
Tow pilot: Neiman Walker

Before the CCSC Annual meeting.

Studying for the meeting.

Mike and Mike confer. Actually the second Mike's nickname is Pancho.

A debate over how to clean the 1-26.

Debate settled and now on to the cleaning.

It was an easy and relaxed day for our meeting.

Jim, Alex, John, and Pancho listen intently.

President Paoli going over his presentation material.

Discussion from the members made the event even more interesting.

The Cal Poly group paid close attention to the meeting issues.

Jeff and Kevin watching closely and interested in the data presented.

Continued discussion among the members made for the longest meeting in years.

Numerous subjects were covered and everyone had a chance to participate.

This is the administration table where the facts and figures resided.

John Harbick looks worried but he isn't. Just about to check out in the 1-26.

Don Flinn covered some suggested operational issues before they become policy.

On their way home after a long meeting and not yet any flight ops.

Flight ops were held up because of the goodwill of folks like Jim Rickey, Bob Crooks and Karl Kunz.

The tow plane left main tire went bad and had to be replaced before flight ops could commence.

Bob Crooks in the air on tow for another of his training flights.

On the ground, Bob Crooks will be moving quickly to solo with a background of high power time.

Bob Crooks, one of our newest members, hails from Fresno and built his own RV-10.

Big Bird on its way back to the launch area for someone else to fly.

The Schweizer 2-33, N8722S, on tow above the gliderport.

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