Monday, January 29, 2018

SATURDAY, January 27, 2018. Ops only until 1:30 pm.

Visibility: Unlimited
Wind: From the NW at 4-6 kts
Altitudes: Release since not much lift.
Time Aloft: Unknown
Max Lift: 1-2 kts
Temperature: Cool, low 60's
Comment: Unable to soar after 1:30 pm
Tow pilot: Kyle Jason

Well, we flew at least in the morning until about 1:30 pm when the towplane tire sprung a leak. For various reasons we had to cancel the afternoon flights, disappointing to all of us who hadn't flown yet. But these things happen and we'll make up for it next weekend.

We borrowed Doug Morris' tractor to remove the pile of dirt in the middle of the runway left over from previous land smoothing operations. Doug is one of the nicest and most generous people you would ever know and he's done so much for the club in many ways, mostly unknown to the general membership.

As a result, Ken Talovich took Doug for a ride in his beautiful RV-8 just after Doug delivered his tractor once again for us to use. Later on, after I'd finished leveling the runway, I called Doug to inquire about his flight. He repeated three times, "That was a ride of a lifetime". Thanks to Ken, Doug has wonderful memories and in a small way, a gift to him for all his efforts on behalf of the club.Thanks Ken.

Most of the pictures shown here were taken from the tractor about midfield, waiting for each launch or landing. We coordinated our efforts closely and the morning ops were conducted without delay and very safely. Finally that dirt pile disappeared into the infield.

22S on its way aloft with Cal Poly folks and Alex Caldwell flying most of the morning.
Moving the 1-26 out to the launch area to be flown by several members.
Doug Morris inspecting the procedure for entry shown by Ken Talovich.
Now its Doug's turn to climb aboard into the snug back seat of the RV-8.
They're hooking up the seat belts and getting the headset ready to wear during the flight.
Ken's explaining the mechanism for moving the canopy back and forth beyond a pinned setting.
Ken is just about ready to fire up the engine and head off to the runway.
Yes, that's Doug smiling. He's never had a ride in an RV-8 before and is pretty excited about this one.
Ken and Doug are taxiing to the runway for launch on 31R.
Off they go just as Ken raises the tail off the ground and readies for lift off.
Flight operations at the launch end, taken from the tractor midfield where I'm leveling a pile of dirt.
I'm waiting for the glider wing to go level as a sign for me to get off the runway and let them launch.
Sitting by the side of the runway offered a good chance to take photos as they flew by.
Big Bird looks great from any angle, especially against a blue sky.
Not sure who was flying the 1-26 but there were several flights of it before ops were discontinued at 1:30 pm.
One of these days someone will take the initiative and paint some sharp and colorful stripes on this very nice glider.
Dan Gudgel was flying with Kyle Jason for a few ops, then let him tow solo.
Looks like Alex Caldwell in the back seat but not sure who was in front.
I'm nearly finished leveling  the runway as the 1-26 launches again.
Always a nice sight to see a glider on tow behind our Cessna 150 over a smooth, wide, and safe runway.
At left, Neiman Walker chatting with Ken Talovich, and Alex Caldwell engaged in conversation with Bob Crooks, while Zach's Mom waits patiently in the sunshine on our picnic bench.

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