Saturday, February 17, 2018

SATURDAY, February 10, 2018

Visibility: Unlimited
Wind: Strong from the N at 13G19
Altitudes: Release altitudes
Time Aloft: An hour
Max Lift: 3-4 knots.
Temperature: Cool in the mid 60's.
Comment:  Draft issue. Detail added in the next day or two.
Tow pilot: Jim Rickey, Kyle Jason

Kirk Robertson waiting to launch, with Neiman Walker standing by to run his wing.

Kirk and Neiman wondering how the lift is now and going to be through the day.

Don Flinn and student completing a low level turn base to final in the 2-33.

Erich Harding aloft practicing his aerial maneuvers with about 1 year remaining until he can solo.

He liked that first flight but usually his second flight is so much better.

Aloft again and true to form, he did very much better on his second flight of the day.

Nice going, Erich. The countdown begins soon for the year before solo is permitted.

Alex Caldwell and Ken Talovich chat before Ken's training flight, a practice checkride.

Don Flinn and Eric Burlingame ready to launch on another training flight in the 2-33.

Wyll Soll looks like he's modeling for a statue of a Greek Warrior.

Jim Rickey, as usual, doing the tow duties today. He volunteers a lot, thankfully.

Off go Don and Eric for another training flight, behind Jim Rickey in the tow plane.

Time for a lunch break on the patio. Eric, a young lady, Andrew Palmer, Mike Paoli and Neiman Walker.

Alex Caldwell in the backseat with a student in the front, flying Big Bird.

Eric, Andrew, and Don chatting about moving them toward their licenses.

Neiman Walker flying Big Bird solo in turning base to final on runway 31L.

Short final for Neiman as he completes another solo flight to practice for his checkride.

Ken Talovich at the controls of his RV-8 as we head back to Fresno.

About 500 agl and turning north to head back to Fresno Chandler airport.

Ken Talovich is his beautifully painted RV-8 is on his way home to Pine Mountain Lake airport.

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