Saturday, January 11, 2014

January 11, 2014

Visibility:        8 miles down low, Sierras were very clear @ 2800 MSL.
Wind:            Light from southeast, increasing a little as the day went on.
Altitudes:      Whatever you got towed to.
Time Aloft:
Max Lift:       Could almost maintain altitude in a few spots.
Temperature: 56º @ 10:00 AM, peak of 65º @ 2:30 PM.
Comment:     Busier day than one would suspect for January.
Tow pilot:      Karl Kunz

Dan said, today will keep you honest.  There were only a few thermals down low.  The air was not trying to control you...couldn't blame anything on the turbulence.  Andrea took a high tow to try and find some lift on the ridge, but it did not pan out, either.

The air quality and visibility was better than it has been lately.  The haze layer was low, at 2800 feet MSL the Sierras were very clear.  It was actually quite a pleasant day to be at the gliderport, just there was no soaring to be found.

Martin Caskey also flew today, but I did not get any pictures of him.  Jim Rickey also flew, but did not get any pictures of himself.

Dan gave introductory flights to three FA-18 pilots from Lemoore NAS.  Here they are debriefing after the flights.
Dan debriefs with three FA-18 pilots he gave introductory rides to.

Meanwhile, Pancho takes off in the 1-26, hoping to have a long flight.  The flight is a little bit longer than the 2-33 flights, but ends up not being very long.
Pancho Herrera in 1-26

Next up are Carl with Harold in the back seat.
Harold riding with Carl

Andrea Mersino takes up three friends on different flights.

About to touch down after her first flight.
Peter, far left, watches his daughter takeoff on her last flight of the day.
The sky got progressively more overcast as the day went on.  While the sky was mostly gray by late afternoon, there were a few spots where the sky was photogenic.

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  1. Just to add a bit more. I flew with Martin Caskey and he has been recommended for his commercial glider practical test. For those who don't know, Martin has been flying gliders since the age of about 14. He was flying at the time whenDisney filmed "The Boy Who Flew with Condors", but power flying intervened, and he never got his glider rating added to his ticket, but is correcting that now. Jim Rickey flew with me practicing the maneuvers for the commercial glider practical test. He also flew solo and obtained additional practice. Darren Council also flew with me for a student pilot 90 day currency checkride. He spent a lot of time quizzing the LeMoore F-18 pilots about requirements to pursue their line of work in the future. Darren has his C badge and is now starting to work on earning the Bronze badge which requires two separate 2 hour soaring flights, 10 solo flights in a single place sailplane, practicing accuracy and short field landings with an j sgructor, and passing z written test on cross country soaring. He is also starting to explore using XCSOAR, a very nice free GPS moving map glide computer and flight recorder.