Saturday, January 11, 2014

April 28, 2012

Visibility: clear
Wind: calm
Altitudes: 900ft AGL via Auto Tow
Time Aloft: 20 min.
Max Lift: 100fpm.
Temperature: upper 70s
Comment: The "Skid Row" gang of 1-26 pilots mostly from Warner's Hot Springs came to Avenal.  A lot of fun was had by those who stuck around for the auto towing.
Tow pilot: Our towplane died, then Durval's tow plane died. We then did auto tows as an alternative the rest of the day using Del Blomquist's pick up truck.

Nice video produced by the "Skid Row" group of 1-26 pilots from Warner's Hot Springs Airport who visited the Central California Soaring Club at Avenal.

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