Monday, May 17, 2021

Sunday May 16th

Visibility: 10+ miles
Wind: Southerly
Altitudes: 7500
Time Aloft: 4.5 hours
Max Lift: 10kts
Tow pilot: Ethan Ronat

With a good forecast and several pilots on the schedule, we lost our tow pilot Saturday night. Huge kudos to Ethan for coming out to get us aloft. Those jet pilots can still fly those tiny planes with the spinny things pretty well. Thank you!!

5H, 06, and ZY were all ready early and staged to launch when the winds began blowing from the south. So after re-staging for a 12 departure, we quickly got aloft and each found our own courselines. After a little rock polishing north of Coalinga, Morgan and I flew up the San Benitos with Zach already heading south along here. The path was well marked with clouds, but after turning around we headed for the valley with dust devils everywhere.

The next time you get a change to fly south past Hwy 41 along Hwy 33, check out the alien site.

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