Sunday, April 18, 2021

Beautiful Spring Day with Lots of Action at Avenal

Wind: Up to 15kts next to the convergence line
Altitudes:13,000 ZY and 5H North of Santa Paula
Time Aloft: 6 hours ZY
Max Lift: 8kts+
Temperature: 80F
Comment: Beautiful spring day with lots of action at Avenal
Tow pilot: Chris Banys, Logan Stevens, Kyle Hyde

View uploaded flights HERE 

Saturday's forecast delivered as promised, with marked lift, ripping convergence and great local thermals well into the afternoon. It was great to see so many members adding their names to the schedule throughout the week and we ended up with our most active day this season. ZY, CZ, 5H, XD, Z5,GD, and IB all were able to ride the convergence and cumulatively fly 2,391 km!

A HUGE thanks to all three who towed, Quinn who took on the task of a much needed clean up of our restrooms, Kyle H and Emmi who spent the morning reclaimed 12R from the Squirrels, and Jim, Peter, and Martin who worked on Casper and Big Bird this week to keep our fleet airborne. The club's health is strong moving into the 2021 season and much of that strength is attributed to individual members taking on necessary tasks and responsibilities to ensure sustainable operations at CCSA. 

Channel Islands visible from east of IZA

Looking South into Simi Valley

View of AG and Pismo

XC Flight traces from 4/17

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