Sunday, March 7, 2021

Visibility:  > 10 s.m.
Wind:  About 5 kts @ 300°
Altitudes:  Up to 5000 ft
Time Aloft:
Max Lift:
Temperature:  Max, low 70s
Comment:  A busy day for early March.  Pretty good lift up to 5000 ft.
Tow pilot:  Butler/Owen.  Super mechanicking by Rickey and Caskey.

N4205U got a good workout on an early Spring day...actually, technically, it's still Winter...

Martin fixed the brakes on 13F; they work

Kevin and Patrick debrief.

Julie sets up IFR conditions for Ethan's launch.

Ethan takes off thanks to Julie.

Ethan goes his separate way.

Zach returning

After a long time out, Ethan comes back to Earth.

Ethan's flight, from his own photos:

Green carpet on the Towplane runway, hoping it lasts for a few weekends
Runway 21, the wave runway is filling in and about ready for another attempt at dragging.
Eric in the DG 100


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