Tuesday, May 29, 2018

XC "Camp" Weekend May 26-27

Visibility:10 mi
Wind:5-10 N
Altitudes: 8K
Time Aloft: 5 hours
Tow pilot: Kyle, Jim and Karl

Thank you to everyone who came out over the weekend to fly and socialize. We had a later than intended pilot's meeting on Saturday and everyone decided to see where the day would take us rather than set a task. The resulting flights were varied with several gliders heading south to toward Cuyama Valley, several heading north toward Panoche, and only one taker for the valley (me in XD).

The most notable flights were freshly rated Commercial Pilot Neiman Walker with a nearly 5 hour flight in his new Libelle and Carl Engel successfully completing his first off-airport landing in a field just west of Paramount Farms (aka Wonderful).

Discus Party

Clouds dotted the sky throughout the day and temperatures were perfect for a evening BBQ. Ramy Yanetz from the Hollister group flying out of Panoche landed just as we were starting dinner and quickly got an aero retrieve back to Panoche.

Karl examines Ramy's ASG-29 18m complete with ADSB Out.  Drool worthy.

Carl Engel returns from his first off-airport land out thanks to awesome ground crew Bennett Diamond and Erik Rinell

BBQ sausages and salad with Brownies for dessert

Several of us camped out on the field and shared an awesome breakfast in the morning (thank you Mario).

Mario, Marc and Richard cooking up some incredible breakfast burrito fixins.

Sunday was a much drier day with more plentiful sink. There were still many good flights with no land outs - Yay!

Marc did such an outstanding job working the line and helping out on Saturday, Martin was happy to give up his seat in 5H to allow Marc to get his first glider flight in 15 years or so. He flew with Morgan in 5H for about a 4 hour and 300+km flight over much of our typical range.

Marc, on the controls running the convergence over the Cholame Hills.  Are you sure this was your first glider flight in years?

Great showing on OLC for Avenal pilots: 

Saturday May 26
Sunday May 27

I know many of us were thinking of Jan while flying this weekend. He was a good man who contributed so much to the club in so many ways. He will be greatly missed.

Jan launching years ago in his DG-100
5H wore 7K markings and black wing tape in tribute

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