Tuesday, May 8, 2018

SATURDAY, May 5, 2018. Jim Murphy Applies for CCSC membership.

Visibility: Unlimited
Wind: Light and variable from the N
Altitudes: 8000 msl probably over Castle Peak.
Time Aloft: 2 hours or more
Max Lift: 600 fpm
Temperature: Low 80's
Comment: Very nice day with enough lift to remain aloft for some time.
Tow pilot: Kyle Jason, Harold Gallagher, Neiman Walker

Peter Deane and friends spent the weekend here at Avenal. They were able to get in enough flying today and they were planning on flying again on Sunday. They brought some really beautiful sailplanes with them. Most of the onlookers were drooling with envy.

Peter Sahlberg passed his BFR with flying colors. Then left on a 2 hour flight described here:


Thanks again for the BFR and the check ride for flying in the back of the 2-33.

I did 2 hours yesterday flying between Black Mountain and the 41/33 intersection. I got some thermal formation time with 5T, which was a lot of fun.

I have attached a picture of the damage something left behind trying to burrow under the clubhouse. I tried to fill in the hole but I did not get anywhere near the material in that came out.


Something burrowed under the clubhouse and left all this dirt on top.
It turned out to be better than we thought at the beginning of the day. The bumps began early since Peter Sahlberg started his BFR flights first thing in the day. We knew it was going to be one of those days when you might not get too high but could stay up all afternoon. Too bad there weren't very many pilots out today.

James Murphy arrived and put in his application to join the CCSC. He and I went up for a demo flight and then later on he went again with Alex. Jim has about 133 glider flights and has recently moved back into our area. We're glad to see him back. Alex had flown with him probably two years ago.

Wyll Soll flew his Libelle but I had no feedback on how well his flight went.

Bob Crooks flew with Alex Caldwell, then went aloft solo to see how well he could remain there. I did see him back down rather early, helping launch Alex Caldwell and James Murphy.

Peter Sahlberg resting after his 1-hour ground portion of the BFR.
Doug Morris showing us his 1937 Pontiac in which he's giving Amber Spencer driving lessons.
Peter says the rainbow probably is a result of the water vapor left over from a launch at Vandenberg this morning.
One of our guest's glider all assembled and ready to launch.
One of the guest's sailplane was an ASG-29 from the Alexander Schleicher factory.
Peter Sahlberg on his first BFR flight that turned out to be a simulated rope break.
The next two flights Peter did well catching thermals and remaining aloft for as long as we cared.
This is the start of his third flight and although we got off at 1800 msl, we thermalled up to 2900 msl.
The Raven at left center of the photo followed us around the thermal until he out-climbed us and left in frustration.
With the BFR successfully behind him, Peter decided to use his 1-35 for thermal hunting.
Bob Crooks and Alex Caldwell had a nice flight together staying up in thermals for some time.
The nose of the 1-26 foreground heads a line up of other high performance sailplanes waiting for pilots.
Wyll Soll's Libelle in the foreground and the Standard Cirrus is next in line.
Two Tango, the ASG 29, is launching for what turned out to be a nice long flight.
Just about to lift off behind the tow plane.
Another beauty, the Standard Class Cirrus, on the launch.
James Murphy exiting Big Bird after his demo flight for orientation of the Avenal area.
Jim Murphy assisting Peter Sahlberg ready for Peter's launch.
Wyll Soll waits in his Libelle for the tow plane to move into position.
Looks like Wyll is ready. Alex and Jim move out of the way while Bob Crooks waits to hook up.
Looking across Wyll's Libelle, Alex is helping Jim Murphy settle in for his second flight.

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