Tuesday, November 21, 2017

SATURDAY, November 18, 2017. Good training, more demos.

Visibility: Unlimited
Wind: Light and variable mostly from the NW.
Altitudes: Not much above tow altitude.
Time Aloft: Less than one hour.
Max Lift: 4-5 kts sporadically
Temperature: mid 70's
Comment: Use of both 2-33's made it an easy scheduling day.
Tow pilot: Jan Zanutto, thanks for your time today.

It was a nice easy day for glider scheduling and towing so Jan had time to take a few photos during his reign as towplane King. Here are the four he submitted, followed by the rest taken by me during various times:

Jan named this picture "bb". You'll have to ask him. It probably means Big Bird.
And this one he called "aliens". Carrot field with circular irrigation west of the field.
And this one, simply "towing". The digital cameras all stop the prop in weird positions and shapes.
And this one Jan named "lard". Hope it doesn't apply to anyone in particular.
Don Flinn working with his student, our newest tow pilot, Griffin.
Nothing like having the club President, Mike Paoli, hooking up the cable with a few others watching.
Two good friends from Fresno, Bob and his son Brad Crooks. Brad is first up for his demo flight.
Brad is looking over the checklist while his dad, Bob, observes carefully.
Brad is observing the bank angle while we search for lift. We found enough to remain up for 34 minutes.
Here we are in a 4 knot thermal and managed to gain back 1100 feet after sinking low enough to enter the pattern.
A bit of exaggeration on the bank angle. Look at the horizon. We are in zero sink.
Brad and I are just about to head into the pattern after milking this weak thermal for 34 minutes.
This is Bob Crooks first ride in a glider. He's the proud builder and owner of a great RV-10.
Bob acknowledged that glider flying is definitely different than power flying.
We managed to milk the same thermal that Brad and I had earlier but this time could only stay up 27 minutes.
Sam McHam arrived from Clovis with his brother, Glenn and went for his first glider ride.
Glenn videoed the flight and let's hope it came out OK. Sam was having fun up front.
We did a tour of the area including over Avenal and Sam got in a good demo flight if not necessarily very high or long.
Back on the ground, Sam was exhilarated by the new experience. I wonder if he'll return someday.
Sam on the left and Glenn McHam are two very nice brothers from Clovis.

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