Monday, November 20, 2017

SATURDAY, November 11, 2017.

Visibility: Unlimited
Wind: 3-4 kts from the NW
Altitudes: Mostly tow altitude
Time Aloft: Half hour
Max Lift: 3-4 kts.
Temperature: Mild, in the 70's.
Comment: Both 2-33's put to good use.
Tow pilot: Griffin

Generally a very nice day with limited but definite lift to be found on non-training flights.

Looks like a very nice day for some not-so-high soaring.

Rick Eason and Jan Zanutto are putting their Grob 103 into the box for a trip to Merced. Winterizing it.

Jim Rickey pondering over the variometers in the 1-26. He puzzled most of the day.

Rick had lots of hands to help put the big sailplane in the box.

Looks like it will go in this time. It is definitely not a fragile, dainty sailplane.

Ken Talovich preparing for one of his three solo flights today. After today, he's ready for a 1-26 checkout.

Ken's a guy that really, really loves to fly and it always shows on him.

Ken is flying the newest 2-33 in our fleet, bought from a site in upper Oregon.

Back for another solo flight. Ken Talovich now has about 10 solo flights in the 2-33.

Thanks for help from Jay piloting the golf cart while Ken walks the wing.

A nice position on tow for yet another solo flight. Ken's really doing well.

Ken is turning final for runway 31 and in excellent position.

Jay and Griffin working as a team going out and gathering up gliders that have landed short of the takeoff area.

This should be the last of Ken's solo flights in the 2-33. Next time out, he will solo the 1-26.

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