Monday, December 19, 2016

SATURDAY, December 3, 2016. Akafleig activity.

Visibility: Unlimited.
Wind: Light and variable from the WNW.
Altitudes: Mostly tow altitude.
Time Aloft: Less than half an hour.
Max Lift: 300 fpm.
Temperature: Mid 60's.
Comment: Lot of training activity.
Tow pilot: Dan Gudgel and Jim Rickey, and trainee Andrew Robinson.

Sorry for the delay everyone. I had an unusually comprehensive final exam in the Remote Sensing course I'm taking at Fresno State and studying for it consumed inordinate amounts of my free time until last Tuesday at which time it came to an end, not sure how successfully.

There were more than a dozen people at Avenal today, mostly college students continuing their training. But we did have a nice Mexican family arrive so that the son, Ever, could take a demo flight with Dan Gudgel. Of course he loved the flight and wondered if there might be more in the future. See the photos of the family.

Don Flinn had a full schedule of students including Lexy Aguirre, Connor Zabrocki, John Preslik, and Bennett Diamond.

Zak Yamauchi, Eric Burlingame, and Jim Bell flew two flights each. Jim is ahead of Zak and Eric in his training but Eric is a power pilot and likely to solo much sooner than Zak or Jim. They all had fun today and learned a lot. Zak especially was thrilled that he made a final touchdown and landing unassisted.

With the holidays coming up soon, it is likely there won't be as much training as before, especially because most of the college students head home (all over the country) for the Christmas/New Years holidays.

Mama Mercedes Loya , daughters Mariana and Nayeli waiting as brother Ever prepares to fly on a demo flight.
Dan Gudgel in back, Ever Loya in front as they pass by Ever's family.
The Loya Family, Ever, Mariana, Oswaldo, Nayeli, and Mercedes.
Sergio Grajeda getting settled in and preparing for a nice afternoon launch.
Sergio Grajeda about to launch in the Schweizer 1-26
Jim Bell continuing his quest for solo flight and getting better each training flight.
Jim is a happy guy because he realizes how much he's improved since starting flight training.
Dan Gudgel flying with Andrew Robinson who is training to be a tow pilot.
Andrew Robinson must fly at least three flights with Dan as one qualifying parameter for towing.
Mike Paoli being assisted by Dan Gudgel and Bennett Diamond before launching in the 1-26.
Dan Gudgel, Neiman Walker, Eric Burlingame, John Preslik, and Bennett Diamond.
Eric Burlingame waiting for the rope to tighten before launching in Big Bird.
Zak Yamauchi all bundled up and ready for his first flight with me.
The end of the day with perhaps one more flight before dark.
Remember that this is the best time of year for early flight training. The air is smooth and learning to tow is so much easier now than when the air is turbulent. Even the off-tow aerial maneuvers are clearer and easier to learn now, so make plans to get it all done while the air cooperates.

See you next week,

Harold Gallagher

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