Tuesday, December 20, 2016

SATURDAY, December 17, 2016

Visibility: Unlimited
Wind: NW at 10-13 kts
Altitudes: 3000 msl
Time Aloft: 30 minutes
Max Lift: 300 fpm
Temperature: Cold.
Comment: Few members present
Tow pilot: Frank Owen

Not much going on today. Frank Owen showed up in his Cessna 152 and towed until about 1:00 pm at which time we all left.

Troy Wollman was "flight instructing" another college student, John Preslik, and I was getting Jim Bell ready for solo. Troy had a few flights with John, while Jim and I had four launches, of which two were simulated rope breaks at 200 agl. The other two were to pattern altitude as preparation for his solo which will likely take place when he returns after the holidays.

The field was OK along the main runway but quite soft and in some cases actually muddy almost everywhere else. But no ruts were made, except for those made by the tail wheel on the Orange Crush. That wheel must get fixed or we're going to have narrow ruts all over the field this winter. Apparently the wheel on Big Bird swivels nicely and perhaps one or more of our talented mechanics can modify the Orange Crush tail wheel to match Big Bird's tail wheel. That would be a nice present for Christmas.

And that was the day, today. Tied the trainers down and went home.

Harold Gallagher

Preparing the Orange Crush for flight while Frank Owen waits patiently in the tow plane.
Sergio Grajeda helping Troy Wollman's "student", John Preslik, get settled in for the flight.

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