Friday, October 21, 2016

SATURDAY, October 8, 2016. Big Crowd of Akafliegers. Busy afternoon.

Visibility: Unlimited
Wind: Southeast 5-8 kts
Altitudes: More than 4000 msl.
Time Aloft: More than an hour.
Max Lift: 400 fpm.
Temperature: Low 80's, high 70's
Comment: New people on the gliderport, most from Cal Poly, some from Hollister.
Tow pilot: Luciano Worl and Frank Owen.

Early morning and there's a lot of movement on the assembly line.
Martin Caskey is one of the earlier pilots who hope that the lift will be there in the afternoon.
A larger than normal group of Cal Poly students were here to try out soaring with Jennifer and Troy.
Don Flinn and Carsten Moeller biding time during the glider assembly morning.
Meanwhile, Sergio Grajeda and Alex Caldwell continue to prepare for Sergio's checkride next Saturday.
The students gather around while Jennifer Bauman readies one more introductory flight.
By the end of the day, Jennifer and Troy will have had enough flights to last a few weeks.
Always the important preflight discussion of what to expect on tow and in free flight.
The others are mulling over their turn in the cockpit, with feedback from the current passenger.
Sergio gets a hook up prior to another of a series of flights to prepare him for the checkride.
Folks from Hollister gather around Morgan Hall's Duo Discus because one or more of them will fly with him.
Jennifer is ready to fly her first introductory flight of the day, but not the last.
Anyone lucky enough to fly in the Duo Discus with Morgan will experience a great flight regardless of the lift.
Getting ready to board the first of the Hollister passengers for Morgan's flight.
The Duo Discus on tow for the first of many flights out to the West Ridge in search of lift.
Kirk Hendrickson is ready for his first glider ride, and he enjoyed the experience.
Morgan Hall in the Duo Discus down low scratching for lift on a weak lift day.
Julie Butler along with the Hollister folks watching Morgan going over the last minute checklist.
Jim Bell joined the group to see how nice the Duo is and perhaps get a turn for himself in a week or two.
Even in the dust following the tow plane, Big Bird looks good on tow.
The Cal Poly group remained at the launch site in order to get their chance at a ride when each flight finished.
The Duo on tow with Mario Pauda's 1-26 in the foreground.
The Duo is off to another flight in search of some lift more than a sled ride.
Because of the fast turnaround from launch to landing, it seemed like the Duo spent most of the day on tow.

It's hard not to really appreciate the beauty of the Duo Discus.
The gliders are gathering at the far end of runway 31R in order to launch into the wind on runway 13L.
Mario Pauda is about to fly his Schweizer 1-26 for the first time after a purchase many months ago.
Troy ready for another introductory flight in Big Bird on runway 13L.
Beth Platz is patiently waiting for her turn to fly in Big Bird.
A few calisthenics help make the time go faster and flex great back muscles.
Unfortunately you can see a lot of folks waiting largely due to having only one tow plane and more gliders.
In spite of a long wait, Beth retained her spirits and good attitude as did all the rest of the folks.
Julie Butler and friends waiting for the tow plane and the gliders ahead of them.
Morgan and the young lady (Olivia?) from Hollister ready to launch into a fairly lift-free afternoon.
Another of those days when we could have used two tow planes all afternoon.
Beth Hotchkiss viewing the virtual scene goggles that are truly amazing.
The tow plane waits on runway 13L until the Orange Crush lands on the adjoining runway 31L.
The Orange Crush is just now departing on tow using runway 13L.
Adjacent to the clubhouse, both aircraft are already airborne and will clear the fence easily.
Griff Malloy looks happy to be flying the Schweizer 1-26.
The DG100 over the fence at the far end, landing before the tow plane begins its launch.
The mighty Duo Discus overhead on tow for another demo flight.
The Duo Discus overhead landing on runway 13L.
The wings flex upward on the Duo Discus due to the weight of gravity and opposing lift force.
The 1-26 a bit unstable in the prop wash of the tow plane during takeoff.
Big Bird on short final for runway 13R with the sun low on the horizon. 

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