Sunday, October 30, 2016

SATURDAY, October 15, 2016; WAY-2-GO, SERG-I-O.

Visibility: Unlimited with patchy white clouds against an azure blue sky.
Wind: Slight from the SE, then switched to NW.
Altitudes: 4000 msl
Time Aloft: Less than an hour.
Max Lift: 400 fpm.
Temperature: Cool in the high 70's.
Comment: Sergio did an admirable job on his checkride.
Tow pilotHarold Gallagher, Dan Gudgel

A beautiful day for a checkride and Sergio Grajeda was ready.
On final after his first flight on the checkride, Sergio makes a classic landing.
There were so few of us at the field today so Dan Gudgel and Sergio Grajeda had to work on their own.
Another landing by Sergio and it appears he finished successfully, but we'll wait for a few minutes.
Yes, congratulations are in order for Sergio Grajeda who just completed his Private Pilot checkride.
The day was classically beautiful for any kind of flying and just plain fun for flying gliders.
Erich Harding, my 11 year old student, has a lot of fun flying gliders, and pays for lessons himself.
As Erich flew toward the west, we could see the rain pouring down over Sunflower Valley and Tar Canyon.
Erich is having fun and learning quickly while watching the rain develop over Black Mountain.
Some of the rain spilled over the West Ridge but didn't make it to the field until later this evening.
One of the local annual events, The Avenal Sand Drags, inspires a lot of competition and spectators.
This is probably the highlight of the last few years for Sergio as Dan Gudgel prepares the critical paperwork.
Near late afternoon, a huge rain storm settled over Coalinga and stayed there for several hours.

That's all folks !!!

Harold Gallagher

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