Friday, September 23, 2016

SATURDAY, September 17, 2016. Dennis Lyons flies his ASW-20 for the first time.

Visibility: 30+ miles
Wind: Light and variable, NW
Altitudes: 4000 msl
Time Aloft: 1 hour or more.
Max Lift: 600 fpm.
Temperature: 100 deg F.
Comment: Dennis Lyons new glider, ASW-20
Tow pilot: Julie Butler, Don Flinn, Peter Mersino

At 1045 pm, Peter Mersino and I are just now going to launch in spite of scheduling at 10:00 am.
Orange Crush being towed out to the far end for launch.
Larry Johnson helping out by using his SUV to tow when the normal tow truck was being used.
Thanks for the hookup Larry, and for running our wing.
Peter Mersino launching on one of his BFR flights; rope taut and ready to go.
Towed out over the SE end of runway 13L, Peter is in good position behind the tow plane.
Big event for Dennis Lyons who just purchased this ASW-20 from Jan Zanutto.  First flight.
Dennis Lyons about to fly his "new" ASW-20. Troy is standing by.
Seems everyone wanted to help Dennis; Troy, Don, Julie, Kyle, and Tiffany.
Tiffany Nguyen into the back seat for a nice long ride with Troy Wollman as pilot.
Big Bird on tow passing overhead. Troy released soon after and was up for more than an hour.
Kyle O'Connell ready to launch. He's looking ahead at what needs to be done to prepare for his checkride.
Mario Pauda in the 1-26 on tow while Kyle O'Connell steadies a wing for the next launch.
Mario Pauda passing overhead on tow in the 1-26. He had a very nice flight.
After a lengthy flight, Troy and Tiffany are landing on runway 7.
Troy and Tiffany are probably tired and hot but with good energy management, they arrived back here.
Richard Walker flying the 1-35 on tow with Peter Mersino in the Cessna 150.
Kyle on his second flight in preparation for the process of practicing for the checkride.

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