Wednesday, March 2, 2016

SATURDAY, February 27, 2016. Big Birds Wings, Casper's Wings

Visibility: More than 40 miles.
Wind: Variable from the NW and N at less than 5 kts.
Altitudes: Mostly release altitudes.
Time Aloft: More than an hour.
Max Lift: Up to 300 fpm
Temperature: Low 80's.
Comment: Troy Finally Soars.
Tow pilot: Steel Butt - You know who that is.

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Dan Gudgel confirming that the occupants of the 2-33 have the correct documents.
Just a bit of confusion between the Orange Crush and Big Bird, but cleared up right away.
Jenn in the backseat and Troy in front just practicing for the day when they can carry passengers.
Andrew Palmer after another very well done flight leading towards his solo day.
Kyle O'Connell just needed a  refresher flight before he goes aloft looking for thermals.
Mike Paoli doing maintenance work on his beautiful Libelle.
Martin Caskey and Jim Rickey taking care of the added assemblies for Big Bird.
Finally, Casper gets his wings and the whole glider is painted so well it looks wet.
One of the guys most responsible for Casper's paint is Rick Eason just walking by the wing.
Troy Wollman in the pattern for runway 31L, on base ready to turn final.
Troy is just beginning his turn from base to final in the Orange Crush.
No, he won't hit the bushes. He'll turn farther right to the middle of runway 31L.
Now he's lined up perfectly although his altitude might be a bit low.
Troy, in his wide-brimmed hat, is about to land after a very long flight, the first soaring he's ever done solo.
The team Akaflieg heads to Troy in the 2-33 to bring him back to the launch area.
Andrew Palmer likes the high position while riding in the retrieve truck.
Troy doesn't mind waiting because that was the best soaring flight he's ever had.
Frank Owen retrieving stuff from the back of the tow plane.
Neiman Walker and Jennifer Bauman waiting for Kyle O'Connell to launch in the 2-33.
Jenn waiting for Frank Owen to take up the slack in the tow line.
Kyle is on his way aloft. But high cirrus is blocking much of the sun's energy so it won't be a long flight.
Nice position on takeoff behind Frank Owen piloting the Cessna 150.
In our required left turn after takeoff, Kyle is doing well and we hope his flight will be a long one.
He must have even a small thermal working because he's not losing any altitude.
Straight and level looking for his next thermal somewhere around the gliderport.
It's time to come in and Kyle is on final for runway 31L.
The guys are examining an issue with the bell crank in the right wing of Big Bird.

That's all the pictures of flight operations. But here are pictures from the painting of Casper (aka the 1-26).

Rick Eason's friend Gary, applying solution to prepare the 1-26 wing for paint.
Rick working hard to make the painting as perfect as possible.
Rick admiring his handiwork and it turned out to be a superb paint job.
Relaxing with friends afterward, Rick Eason has been magnificent in getting the 1-26 painted.

Thanks everyone and if I don't elaborate on the pictures, you'll still get the essence of what transpired this Saturday. See you all next weekend.

Harold Gallagher

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