Wednesday, March 2, 2016

SATURDAY, February 20, 2016. Carl's new Discus.

Visibility: 30+ miles
Wind: Steady from the NW at 3-6 kts.
Altitudes: Mostly release altitudes
Time Aloft: Under one hour
Max Lift: 100-300 fpm.
Temperature: High 70's
Comment: Beautiful Day at Avenal
Tow pilot: Steel-butt Frank Owen

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Enjoy the pictures and captions while I create the next blog. I may come back to add text but after seeing all of these 38 pictures you'll probably get the idea of what happened at Avenal today.

The beautiful 1-26 sits on its trailer waiting to be assembled.
The wings of Big Bird move ever closer to the fuselage for assembly.
"Casper" has one of the most beautiful paint jobs we've seen at Avenal for years.
Carl Engel brought his new Discus B out for the first time.
Orange Crush waits solemnly, disappointed at the only glider with old paint.
Carl Engel getting the cobwebs out on a flight with his Instructor.
As you see on the variometer there was a little bit of lift to be found.
I know, you can't believe it, but, YES, it really is John Harbick in the pilot seat.
Carl Engel waiting for the lift to develop further before he flies his Discus.
All the Cal Poly students (except Matt Stelmas) are around the glider helping Neiman get launched.
Jenn is testing the tow rope to insure it is attached successfully and safely.
Looks like Neiman is about ready to launch in the Orange Crush.
Jesse, Jenn, Fernando, Andrew and Troy all enjoying the soft grass and warm weather.
Richard Walker's Schweizer 1-35, and Carl Engel's Discus await pilots for a warm launch.
He's getting used to the glider on the ground because it's his first time flying it. 
Neiman and Jenn standing by in case Carl needs any more help.
Unfortunately a lot of pre-launch is just waiting around for various elements to be in place.
Seems like Carl is ready to launch now.
Beginning the takeoff roll with help on the wings from Jennifer Bauman.
His takeoff was great with no PIO discernible anywhere in the launch sequence.
It will be Richard Walker's turn next after waiting for the thermals to develop.
The Cal Poly students waiting to help out anyone that needs it as they have always done.
Finally, after a year-long restoration, Big Bird gets its wings attached.
There's still a lot of work left to complete but at least we are this far along towards flight.
Richard Walker about to launch with Andrew Palmer running his wing.
After not a long flight, Richard is on final for runway 31 at Avenal.
Troy Wollman decides he would like to have an instructor aboard to critique his flight.
Carl is back and ready to launch again and a lot longer aloft this next time.
Dennis Lyons heading home in his nice 1947 Piper PA-12 Supercruiser he named, "Jezebel".
Jennifer Bauman struggling to move the Orange Crush around to point it correctly.
Mike Paoli has decided to fly the Orange Crush to maintain currency before he launches in his Libelle.
Jennifer, again, there to help out in launching Mike in the 2-33.
Jenn is running the wing for Mike in late afternoon. Thermals are weak and scattered.
Our fine Cal Poly students often gather in groups to share discussions and experiences of flight.
Neiman Walker, Andrew Palmer, Jesse McClintock, and Sergio Grajeda chat.
Out of the hangar and ready to tie down for the night. The men who made it happen. Jan Zanutto is not shown.
Cal Poly students towing Big Bird to its tie-down area for further assembly of mostly interiors stuff.
Jim Rickey pushing down on the nose to position Big Bird correctly for adding tie-downs.

Harold Gallagher

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