Monday, August 3, 2015

Saturday, July 25, 2015 - Supplement

Visibility: Unlimited
Wind: Light and variable
Altitudes: 8000+
Time Aloft: 3 hours+
Max Lift: 6 knots
Temperature: 100+
Comment: Dust devils everywhere.
Tow pilot: Julie Butler

It looked to be a busy day, beginning with Skip Breidbach flying with Alex Caldwell at 10 am. But for some reason, Alex couldn't make it that early, and so, not wanting to waste the morning, Skip grabbed his high-tech camera equipment and began taking great photos, most of which are shown below.

Since Skip's flight was delayed, Harry Davies and I went aloft to get Harry back into the groove of good glider flight control. Of course, that didn't take long, and now Harry is dedicated to moving forward to get his commercial add-on rating. And that should be straightforward for him.

Harry Davies heading back to the IP after a good refresher flight.
 Tommy Smith came out today after joining the club some months ago and unfortunately hearing nothing about his membership. He brought his lovely lady, Robin, with him and it was her turn for a first time glider flight. She had fun, loved the bumps and the smooth, after-tow, flying. Maybe she'll do it again sometime.

Morgan Hall with Tommy Smith and his lady, Robin, waiting for Robin's turn to fly.
Richard Walker managed to squeeze in a short flight arriving back at Avenal about 1:30 pm.

Richard Walker turning final for runway 31 at Avenal.
 John Harbick, our great volunteer line manager, helps Robin buckle in for her first glider flight.

John Harbick helping Robin get buckled in for her first glider flight.
 It looks like Skip Breidbach will finally get his training flight done with Alex Caldwell. It was a bit hot waiting around for the Orange Crush but the air aloft was cooler so he didn't mind it too much.

Skip Breidbach chatting with Alex Caldwell while waiting for their turn with the Orange Crush.
Sergio Grajeda, an Avenal resident, taking his second glider training flight. In fact, it was only his second time in an airplane ever and he was amazed by how different everything looked like from above. Sergio did very well off tow, learning the necessary maneuvers each step of the way to his solo flight one day.

Sergio Grajeda about to launch on his second glider flight and second time aloft ever.

Jeff Richardson taking his daughter Amelie for a glider ride.
Jeff's wife and neighbor friend, Blair wait their turn to fly.
Andrew Ouellet launches into the lift and the heat, the heat being the most onerous.
Returning after a very nice, and long flight in good lift.
Richard Walker launching for about an hour long flight.

Now it's Blair's turn for his first glider flight with Jeff piloting.
Ethan Ronat waiting on the launch line for his turn aloft.
Julie Butler doing a great job of towing during a rather hot day and numerous tows.
Morgan Hall launching with Christian Heidgerd in the back seat.
Christian agreed that he really learned a lot flying with Morgan in the Duo.
Harold taking Robin for her first glider ride in bumpy, hot air that made her a bit uncomfortable.
Alex Caldwell on landing after a nice long demo flight.
Alex passenger enjoyed the flight and probably ended too soon.

And that ended the day of soaring where new people enjoyed the experience of first time glider passengers and our members enjoyed their own flights in private aircraft or club ships. It's always fun to fly at Avenal.

Harold Gallagher

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