Sunday, August 2, 2015

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Visibility: Unlimited
Wind: Northwest, variable, high altitude waves
Altitudes: 5000+
Time Aloft: A few hours
Max Lift: 6 knots
Temperature: Mid nineties
Comment: Soaring under the cloud deck.
Tow pilot: Peter Mersino and Jim Rickey

Not a lot of activity today but watching the sky develop into high altitude waves was most interesting. Jim Rickey used his still camera to try and get a time lapse video of the rotor development but we haven't seen it yet. Maybe he'll edit this blog.

Rick Eason launching on one of his six or so flights this morning.
Rick likes to land on runway 7 making it easier to turn around and launch again.
Great position on short final, roll out right to the launch line.
No, he's not buried in the weeds, they're on either side of the landing path.
Now it's John Harbick's turn to launch and he had a fun flight with the clouds as markers.
The markers were high and mostly lenticular clouds from a coastal wave.
As the day progressed the lennies were more prominent and the sky started boiling.
These rotor clouds were twisting and turning quickly and violently.
The rotors moved off to the east and were replaced by multiple lenticulars.
Jim Rickey assisting John Harbick with another flight in interesting weather.
Tyler Bishop flew one flight this afternoon.

The day wasn't too busy, few pilots showed up. Jeff Richardson was here learning to fly the DG100 but otherwise too few pilots made it a day of soaring.

Harold Gallagher

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