Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Wind: Variable from the NE
Altitudes: 4000 msl
Time Aloft: 2 hours
Max Lift: 1000 fpm
Temperature: High eighties
Comment: Blog information from Philip Gerfaud
Tow pilot: Jim Rickey

Harold, here is a write-up for last Sunday, May 10th:

The skies looked favorable from the ground and around 1 pm we were hearing reports from the Hollister folks flying up in the mid-8000's over Black Mtn. Up there, we experienced fairly marked downdrafts with occasional booming thermals about the size of a quarter around.

Jeff Richardson and Martin Caskey rotated-out all afternoon flying the Google folks in the 2-33 with a precise flight program to teach them how to fly using only rudder and elevator: Due to wing rigidity and weight issues, their human powered aircraft will be built without ailerons. I heard they did quite well thermalling even with only two primary flight controls!

Jim Rickey was a trooper as usual flying the towplane and making sure everyone was taken care of. I tried for a tow out towards Black Mtn in the 1-26 and got beat pretty badly and had to head back towards Avenal. On a second local flight, I was up sharing thermals with the 2-33 for quite a while in choppy thermals that required tight spiraling, pictures attached.

Hope this email finds you well,


The following photos were all taken by Philip Gerfaud.

Those  clouds sure looking enticing.

Hooking up with Jeff Richardson flying from the back seat.

A Google guy in the front seat learning the art of flying with no ailerons.

Looks like a good takeoff for Jeff, but as we know, a bit dusty, flying IFR.

Climbing up and keeping the cloud in sight for a release in lift.
Big conference over the Orange Crush among pilots and passengers.
Looking at the cloud shadows shows a lot of smaller clouds in the vicinity.
See you all next week, and thanks to Philip Gerfaud (jer-faux) for the input and photos.

Harold Gallagher

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