Sunday, April 5, 2015

Saturday March 28, 2015

Visibility: Severe Clear
Wind: Light and variable
Altitudes: 4700 msl
Time Aloft: An hour or so
Max Lift: Pretty weak.
Temperature: Cool in the 70's
Comment: Lots of visitors from Lemoore
Tow pilot: Mixed.

Here's not much of a story but a lot of pictures that should be story enough to ponder on. The only one who sent in a story was Ethan Ronat and here is his note:

Hi Harold,
In case you are writing a summery for the blog:

I flew for nearly 2 hour, just playing around in our back yard, mostly at the foothills and midway to Black Mountain. Lift was erratic, but usually enough to stay airborne, and I topped once at 4700 ft. MSL. Mostly between 2-4K. Too bad that my instruments, after going through a major update, refused to talk to each other… I've got some work to do, before the season really kicks off. 


Something must be interesting in the cockpit of the 1-26.
Philip Gerfaud's first flight in the 1-26.
Craig Gifford running the wing for Philip.
Slightly low on tow.
Too low on tow.
Craig Gifford always around to help everyone launch.
Joe Anastasio moving the PW-5 out to the launch area.
Philip Gerfaud on final in the 1-26 after a good flight.
In good position for landing on Runway 31L
Nice landing Philip. 
Gliders are beginning to stack up at the launch area.
Three now and soon there will be four or more.
Richard Walker in his Schweizer 1-35 prepares to launch.
He 's about Schwarzenegger's height but not chest size.
Carl Engle and Jeff Richardson at the Russia.
One of the weirdest self-launch gliders ever seen at Avenal.
Now there are four waiting and soon, more.
Craig Gifford on final in the Orange Crush
Richard Walker on final in his Schweizer 1-35
Craig Gifford on short final in the Orange Crush
Craig running the wing for Jeff Richardson in the Russia
Alex Caldwell discussing the finer points of soaring with an Avenal resident.
Craig Gifford and Philip Gerfaud ready to retrieve when called upon.
Jim Rickey visiting with David Edwards Sr, and David Edwards Jr.
One of the last launches of the day for the Orange Crush.
Ethan Ronat landing after his flight. See note from him above.
End of the day and too tired to get out of the cockpit.

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