Sunday, February 23, 2014

Friday, February 21, 2014; Martin Caskey, new Glider Certificate

Visibility:        Great
Wind:             4 to 6 knots, gusts to to 12 knots
Temperature:  65º - 70º F.
Comment:      Martin Caskey, new Commercial Glider Pilot
Tow pilot:       Jan Zanutto

Jan Zanutto -- Today our beloved Martin took and passed his commercial glider checkride!  Congrats Martin

Dan Giudgel -- Special thanks to Mike Paoli, groundcrew, and Jan Zanutto, towpilot, for the special effort to assist per true 'club' format.  Congratulations, Martin!
Dan and Martin on the preflight briefing.
Mike Paoli cheerfully ready to hook up the towrope.
Ready to go -- view from the towplane.
Martin taking the handshake of the guy who had to ride in the front!
Here are the comments circulated via e-mails afterwards:

    Morgan Hall; Woo hoo!  Congrats Martin.

    Alex Caldwell; Congratulations Martin!  Great Job!

    Pancho Herrera; Three cheers!

    Jim Rickey; Hearty Congratulations, Martin!

    Harold Gallagher; Great going Martin. I'm really happy for you!!!

    Karl Kunz; Congrats Martin, I know you put a lot of hard work prepping for this with your usual attention to detail.

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